Track Stars! (Thomas & Friends): Three THOMAS & FRIENDS Stories (Pictureback(R))

Track Stars! (Thomas & Friends): Three THOMAS & FRIENDS Stories (Pictureback(R))

Language: English

Pages: 24

ISBN: 0375834621

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Filled with Gentle humor and lots of photo illustrations, here are three fun new stories straight from Thomas’ newest video. First, Thomas likes to go fast, but when he has to deliver a load of eggs, he must go slow, or the eggs will be scrambled. Next, Emily is given a new route, but it takes her past the Black Loch, which she hears is the home of a monster! And finally, Percy overhears a rumor that he is to be sent to the scrap yard and decides to run away.












Emily. “I am opening some new routes for the summer,” he announced. “Emily, you will pull the Flour Mill Special.” “Thank you, Sir,” said Emily. She was pleased. Emily stopped to fill up with water on the way to the flour mill. But James was already there. “Sir Topham Hatt has given me the Flour Mill Special,” said Emily. “You’re lucky,” James huffed. “I have to do the Black Loch Run.” “Why don’t you like going to Black Loch?” asked Emily. “There are boulders all over the tracks,” he

mischief. “Hold back, hold back,” they screeched. Emily pulled as hard as she could, but the Troublesome Trucks made her go very slowly. Emily was late delivering the flour, so there would be no fresh bread that day. Sir Topham Hatt was cross. “This means I won’t have any toast or muffins for breakfast. If you are late again, you will have to do the Black Loch Run instead of James.” Emily didn’t want to have her buffers bashed by boulders. And she didn’t want to see the Black Loch Monster. “I

Black Loch Run.” Emily was very unhappy. “Wait until you’ve tried it,” Thomas puffed. “The Black Loch Run might be nice.” “I don’t think so,” Emily moaned. “Bashed buffers and a big monster. It sounds miserable to me.” The next morning, Emily puffed sadly to the station. Lots of excited children and vacationers climbed on board. “They’re all looking forward to their vacation,” she thought. “I mustn’t let them down.” Soon Emily was steaming up hills and through valleys. “I bet it won’t

couldn’t stop himself tooting for joy. Thomas tooted, too. It was good to have his friend back. So Percy carried the mail all week. He wasn’t late and he didn’t make a mistake—not one! And Percy decided never to listen to silly stories ever again. Especially not ones made up by himself! Christmas in Wellsworth Easter in Harwick Halloween in Anopha James and the Red Balloon Misty Island Rescue The Special Delivery Steam Engine Stories Stuck in the Mud* Thomas and the Shooting Star

Farmer McColl. The station staff quickly loaded Thomas’ freight cars with the eggs, and Thomas was raring to go. “My eggs must be delivered safely,” said Farmer McColl. “So I am coming to make sure you go slowly and carefully.” “Slowly,” wheeshed Thomas sadly. He wanted to finish his job quickly and make lots of journeys. Thomas gave one sad toot of his whistle and slowly pulled away. Thomas trundled on. He huffed and puffed as gently as he could. Thomas had to stop at a crossing. Gordon

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