Deep in the Jungle of Doom (Give Yourself Goosebumps, No 11)

Deep in the Jungle of Doom (Give Yourself Goosebumps, No 11)

R. L. Stine

Language: English

Pages: 136

ISBN: 0590847686

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Readers are placed in the character of a student attending a class trip in the South American jungle, and when boredom gives way to a little unsupervised exploring, every new decision leads to a different story.














Wow! Just in time not to crunch your head! You open your eyes. You try to move but you can’t. You’re pinned in place by a fortune in jewels. You wait and wait, but the walls don’t open up again. In fact, they NEVER open up again. You’re trapped there. Forever. But look at the bright side. You always wanted to die a millionaire. THE END “Excuse me,” you call to Unger. “I don’t mean to slow us down, but I’m dying of hunger. Do you guys have anything I could snack on?” “Of course,” says

is,” Unger tells you and Ben. She points to the small cave. “Follow the tunnel until you reach a big cave. In the center will be the tree.” “Thank you so much!” you tell the Warrior Women. “It is our pleasure to defeat the spells of the Muglani,” Unger replies. “Good luck, my little friends!” She pats you and Ben on the back and turns to leave. “Oh, one last thing about the cave,” Unger remarks. “Beware of the guard dragon!” Turn to PAGE 87. “GRRRRRRRRR!” The gargoyle growls at you from

from the mossy bank. You glance around. The stone beast appears on the path behind you. Its hideous jaws snap wildly at the air. Its thick stone leg muscles are bunched up, ready to pounce. Turn to PAGE 51. You decide you don’t want to slow everyone down by asking them for something to eat. You’ll just snatch an orange real quick. You step into the shade of the orange tree to pluck a fruit. And find the ground under your feet has disappeared! With a lunge you grab for the ledge. Your

chamber as the last few grains of sand are about to fall through the hourglass. “We’ve got the gold!” you shout triumphantly. The king himself shows you out into the jungle. You safely meet up with the Junior Explorer Adventure Club. And what an adventure it was! THE END The bubbling tar pit isn’t that wide. Maybe you can make it if you hurdle toward the other bank. “Jump for it!” you shout to Ben. You take a flying leap for the other side. You almost make it. Your feet slip on the far

First you were a kid, then you were a monster. Now you’re just plant food. THE END You can’t believe your eyes! The bat is the most hideous thing you’ve ever seen. Its wings are folded around its hairy brown body. It has enormous ears that are so thin you can see the veins running through them. Two beady black eyes are watching you and Cronby carefully. The bat opens its mouth and talks! “What did you say about me?” “Oh, no!” Cronby shouts. “I wasn’t talking to you!” “I heard you,” the bat

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