The Year of the Rat (A Pacy Lin Novel)

The Year of the Rat (A Pacy Lin Novel)

Grace Lin

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0316033618

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this sequel to Year of the Dog, Pacy has another big year in store for her. The Year of the Dog was a very lucky year: she met her best friend Melody and discovered her true talents. However, the Year of the Rat brings big changes: Pacy must deal with Melody moving to California, find the courage to forge on with her dream of becoming a writer and illustrator, and learn to face some of her own flaws. Pacy encounters prejudice, struggles with acceptance, and must find the beauty in change.

Based on the author's childhood adventures, Year of the Rat, features the whimsical black and white illustrations and the hilarious and touching anecdotes that helped Year of the Dog earn rave reviews and satisfied readers.



















Mom was looking out for me. Suddenly, I realized, even if I was unlucky and my tiger luck left me, Mom never would. And that wouldn’t ever change. “Am I going be punished?” I asked. Mom gave me a funny smile and sighed. She sat down next to me. “Did I ever tell you about when I was punished for my bad grades?” Mom asked. THE PUNISHMENT When I was your age, I was punished for my grades all the time. Not by my parents, but by my teachers. Remember when I told you that schools in Taiwan

wedding was going to begin! First Clifford’s parents came down the aisle and then Lian’s mother. Then, Ki-Ki and the other flower girl, Ting Ting, walked down the aisle. Ki-Ki’s mouth made a straight line and she was clutching her basket so tightly that her knuckles were turning the same color as her dress. But she and Ting Ting made it to the altar without any problem. Of course, if there had been any problems, Older Cousin Hannah and the other bridesmaids (in their gleaming gold dresses) would

right-hand side, and the date, subject, and assignment lined up underneath. But he also was fun, too. He let us choose our own seats, wherever we wanted. Becky, Charlotte, and I put our desks right next to each other, though I really wanted to sit next to Sam Mercer. And almost at the beginning of the year, he told us that our grade was going to have a talent show. That was exciting! Everyone talked about what they wanted to do. For the first time, I wished my talent was something other than

Shin’s stethoscope, to represent a doctor. He put a toy truck on the tray, to stand for a mechanic; a paint-brush for an artist; and money for a businessman. He made Aunt Kim choose the shiniest coins in her pocketbook. “I want them to catch Max’s eye,” he laughed. “He can be our family millionaire.” Even arranging the items was a big joke. “Put the stethoscope closer to him,” Uncle Shin called out. “We want another doctor!” “Move that paintbrush to the edge,” Dad said. “We don’t want him to

she said, “not that one. I really love that one.” “You love ALL of them!”I said. “There’s none for me to take!” We both began to laugh. Then we stopped because we both felt sad. “I don’t want to give up my books,” Melody said. And I felt like I wouldn’t have minded buying my own copies of all of Melody’s books if it meant she wouldn’t have to move. “I know,” I said. “We’ll share them. I’ll take half now and after I’m done reading them, I’ll mail them back to you.” “That’s a good idea!” Melody

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