Everyone's An Author

Everyone's An Author

Language: English

Pages: 729

ISBN: 0393932117

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An inspiring new rhetoric that takes some of the best ideas animating the field of composition and makes them teachable.

Everyone’s an Author focuses on writing as it really is today―with words, images, and sounds, in print and online―and encourages students to see the connections between their everyday writing and academic writing. It covers the genres college students need to learn to write―and teaches them to do so across media. It bridges the gap between Facebook and academic writing, showing how the strategies students use instinctively in social media can inform their academic writing. And it provides a strong rhetorical framework that guides students in the decisions they need to make as authors today.

















9/11, and it quickly drew a range of responses: Just what did Booth mean by this stark statement? How could rhetoric—the art and practice of persuasion—act as a counter to war? Throughout his long career, Booth explored these questions, identifying rhetoric as an ethical art that begins with deep and intense listening and that searches for mutual understanding and common ground as an alternative to violence and war. Put another way, two of the most potent tools we have for persuasion are language

this chapter is to help you make the most of the many writing demands you’ll encounter at school, at work, and elsewhere. No single writing process works for every author, so now is a good time to develop a repertoire of writing strategies that will enable you to become an efficient, productive, effective writer. Develop writing habits that work for you. Think about how you habitually approach a writing task and then examine those habits to make sure they are working well. You may write best early

comment or a question (backchatting) while any other two people are speaking. Participants are both listening to the main conversation between whichever two people happen to be talking while also reading the comments, questions, and answers that any of the other participants might be texting. The conversation continues in response to both the talk and the text. — cathy davidson, Now You See It: How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Learn A dizzying scenario

speaking, and rhetoric are likely to play in your future. six 6 Writing and Rhetoric in the Workplace lash forward five or ten years. You’ve graduated from college, maybe from graduate or professional school as well; you’re on the job. And whatever that job is, one thing is certain: Your ability to communicate— through writing, speaking, and other means—will be crucial to your success. If you’re an engineer, you’ll be writing proposals , specifications, and directions and maybe giving

swollen in some way. Grabbing hard at his shoulder blades, I twist and pull harder. I am exerting all my strength now. And I see the threads of the jar turn, slowly, then more quickly. “Okay, something moving, heads up,” then more movement, an upward sliding, and then with an audible pop the jar is off. Without any thought except escape, I jump up, whirl, run. Unscathed. Unsprayed. At a safe distance, I stop and look back. The skunk stands in the middle of the road. He breathes deeply, several

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