Rascal (The Puppy Place #4)

Rascal (The Puppy Place #4)

Ellen Miles

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0439793823

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Welcome to the Puppy Place--where every puppy finds a home!

Lizzie and Charles Peterson love dogs, especially puppies.  So it is perfect that the Petersons are a foster family for young dogs. They will adopt a pet of their own one day, but now they are happy to help puppies find just the right home.  

The Petersons' newest foster puppy is Rascal.  He is a Jack Russell terrier, and his name fits him well.  He may be small, but he can cause big trouble.  Lizzie and Charles are in for a challenge.  Will they be able to find someone who will care for this pesky little puppy?

















but like Lizzie, I prefer big dogs. My dog, Django (the D is silent so you say it “Jango”), is an especially big black Labrador retriever. He’s very tall, with long legs and a long body. When people see him, they always say, “Boy, that dog is big!” Sometimes I miss the days when he was a puppy and he could fit in my lap. If Django tried to get in my lap now, he would squash me! My friend Annie has two miniature poodles, and both of them can fit in my lap at once. I guess there are some good

had a point. “Anyway,” she said, “I’m not scared.” But she was. Ever since she had let her best friend, Maria, talk her into taking a riding lesson, Lizzie had been secretly dreading this Saturday morning, and now it was here. For as long as she could remember, Lizzie had loved animals. Dogs were her favorite, but all animals were wonderful. Penguins, sheep, tigers, pandas — even iguanas! Lizzie loved them all. She loved learning about them, drawing pictures of them, and seeing them at the zoo

After lunch, she and Charles and Dad closed off the kitchen with one of the Bean’s old baby gates. From now on, Rascal would have to stay in there. If he couldn’t roam the house, he would have fewer chances to find things to chew. “Plus, he won’t be able to jump all over the furniture,” Charles told Lizzie. Rascal looked back at them from inside the kitchen. He whined and barked and jumped up and down. Lizzie had also learned that it was a good idea to give a puppy his own things to chew on,

paint. You know, like an Indian pony? Tony!” she called. She made a clucking noise with her tongue as she and Lizzie climbed out of the car, and Tony came trotting over. Maria’s dad waved and drove off. Lizzie watched him go, wishing she were still in the car. Maria handed Lizzie a big carrot. “Here, give him this and he’ll love you forever,” she said. Lizzie stood frozen in place. “Go ahead,” Maria said. “He won’t hurt you.” Lizzie laughed nervously. “I know that,” she said. “Here, I’ll go

stall, tugging Lizzie behind him. Suddenly, there was a loud booming noise from the end of the aisle. “Sir Galahad!” Lizzie said. The big horse was kicking his stall walls again. She wondered if the noise would scare Rascal, but he didn’t look frightened at all. In fact, he pulled even harder in that direction. “He wants to meet Sir Galahad,” Lizzie told Charles. “But that’s probably not a good idea.” She could picture the little dog getting trampled by the gigantic horse — or even kicked! Just

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