Puzzle for the Secret Seven (Secret Seven, Book 10)

Puzzle for the Secret Seven (Secret Seven, Book 10)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 46

ISBN: 1444913522

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The gang witness the horror of a house going up in flames! Then there's the theft of a very valuable violin. Are the two incidents connected? The Seven mean to use all their detective know-how to find out!












She bent over the pram and pulled away a dirty covering. Peter burrowed deep down into the well of the pram, surprised to find his fingers trembling. He felt something long and hard, wrapped in thick cloth! He pulled it out. He unwrapped a little of the cloth — and part of a violin handle showed at once! ‘Yes — it is the violin!’ said Peter, shocked. ‘Now what do we do?’ Nineteen Little Benny A LOUD voice made all the Secret Seven jump. They looked up, to see a man walking up to them —

to Luke. Matt tells me he’s a good enough fellow — and I don’t expect he would have stolen that violin if he hadn’t been so upset at Benny’s being burnt.’ ‘He simply loves Benny!’ said Pam. ‘But how can the violin be given back without Luke coming into it?’ ‘There’s a reward offered for its return — and if returned in good condition, no questions will be asked,’ said Peter’s father. ‘I propose to take it back myself, and say that I can’t explain how it came into my possession — but that the

close. Ooh, wasn’t it exciting? I’ve never . . .’ ‘Be quiet,’ said Peter. ‘You make it sound as if it was a sort of treat! Think of that poor woman!’ ‘Yes. I’m thinking about her too,’ said George. ‘I say, Peter — I think we ought to call a meeting of the Secret Seven, and see if we can’t plan something to help her. What about tomorrow morning at ten o’clock?’ ‘Fine idea!’ said Peter, really pleased. ‘I was just thinking the same thing myself. Secret Seven, those are your orders — be down

in our shed, ten o’clock tomorrow morning.’ ‘Susie and me too?’ said Binkie, thrilled. ‘No,’ said Peter. ‘ONLY the Secret Seven. Susie — do you hear that? ONLY the Secret Seven!’ Four Secret Seven meeting NEXT morning, sharp at five to ten, Peter and Janet were down in their shed. On the door were the letters S.S., and everything was ready inside — boxes to sit on, some biscuits on a plate, and lemonade to drink. ‘I hope everyone remembers the password, and their badges,’ said Peter.

Peter, opening the door. Jack and Colin went in, looking angry, and Peter went over to the bushes. He spoke sternly to the two giggling girls behind them. ‘Spoil-sports! Go and giggle somewhere else. If you are here in two minutes’ time I shall take the hose-pipe and water this bush thoroughly. And I mean that!’ There was a scuffling noise, and the two girls ran off, still giggling. Susie knew that Peter meant what he said, and she didn’t want to be hosed! Peter went into the shed and slammed

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