Doggone It (Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo No. 8)

Doggone It (Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo No. 8)

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0448431726

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Katie's teacher moves in next-door, Katie can't believe her bad luck! Nothing could be worse than your own teacher living next-door-or could it? Mrs. Derkman hates dogs, and she wants the dogs on their street to be kept on leashes at all times! Katie is furious. Then the magic wind blows, turning Katie into her own dog, Pepper. Will she be able to convince her teacher that dogs are not all bad?





















sniff. Lots of dogs had been there before her. And every one of them had peed on the hydrant. Their stinky smells were everywhere. Yuck! Katie thought to herself. But she couldn’t stop herself from smelling. It was a dog thing. Sniff, sniff. A big dog had visited the hydrant. Probably a German Shepherd. Sniff, sniff. There’d been a little dog there as well. Really little, like a Chihuahua or something. Katie wanted to leave her mark, too. She picked up her hind leg and left a puddle. Then

She snatched up the treat and started to chew. This is so gross, Katie thought, as bits of sidewalk sand and dirt scratched against her tongue. But she didn’t spit the bagel out. It tasted too good. Katie’s stubby little tail wagged happily back and forth as she ate. “I wonder if I can catch that?” she barked to herself as she swallowed the last bit of dirty bagel. Katie turned toward her tail and stretched her neck back. Her tail was still very far away. She reached farther back. She began

turning around and around in a circle, as she tried to grab her tail. Whooaa, I’m getting dizzy, Katie thought as she spun. Still, she didn’t stop. She was determined to chase her tail—although she wasn’t quite sure what she would do with it if she caught it. Boy, dogs sure do weird things, she thought. Just then, Katie heard a squeaky chattering noise. She sat still and quietly. The noise seemed to be coming from a nearby oak tree. Katie put her nose to the ground and sniffed. Her tail

cheeks turned red. She looked as though her head might explode! Katie was sure Mrs. Derkman was going to scream at her. But the teacher didn’t say a word. She just stormed back home. Chapter 11 “It’s just awful, Suzanne,” Katie said into the phone later that night. “Mrs. Derkman was yelling at my mom.” “Mrs. Derkman shouts all the time,” Suzanne reminded her. “Ask George. She’s always yelling at him.” “But not like this,” Katie explained. “She said if she ever caught Pepper on her lawn

from the refrigerator, Suzanne?” Katie asked, finally. “I thought we didn’t have time for a snack,” Suzanne answered. “It’s not for us.” Katie bent down and picked up one of Pepper’s toy bones. Pepper sat up tall, waiting. He thought Katie was going to play fetch with him. No such luck. “Sorry, boy,” Katie told him. “I need to borrow this for someone else.” Katie covered both ends of the bone with peanut butter. Then she stuffed a few of Pepper’s treats in her pocket. “Okay, let’s go in the

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