Good Old Secret Seven

Good Old Secret Seven

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0340917652

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

There are strange happenings indeed at Torling Castle! Someone is hiding out in the ruined tower, making the resident jackdaws very unsettled. Who is it, and what do they want? The Secret Seven are on it...














you!' He dragged her out of the shed, and Binkie followed. Peter heaved a sigh of relief. 'Thank goodness, we've got rid of them! What a pair! Well, let's hope that's the last we'll hear of them for some time!' Thirteen The telescope again Susie and Binkie were angry with Jack for hauling them away. 'We wanted to look through the telescope again,' complained Susie. 'No, you didn't — you were just being annoying,' said Jack, fiercely. 'Let go my arm,' said Susie. 'I want to walk by myself.' 'Well,

drove away in the van, with the three angry, frightened men locked inside. Peter's father and Gardener went to the car in which they had driven up. 'You boys will come down on your bikes, won't you?' Peter's father shouted. 'What about Scamper?' 'Oh take him in the car, Dad, if you will,' said Peter, lifting up the excited dog. 'He walked all the way here, dear old fellow — he must be tired now!' Scamper was thankful to go back in the car. Peter's father carefully put the precious canvases out of

can all guess what your next password will be — pictures! Are we right, Peter?

and they all laughed. The jackdaws nested in the ruins of the old tower, but now that it was November their young ones were grown, and were flying with them. The little colony must have numbered at least a hundred. Janet could see them from her bedroom window, and had often wished the old tower was nearer the farm, so that she could watch the antics of the birds more closely. 'And now I can!' she thought. 'We've got that lovely telescope that brings everything so near! Why didn't I think of

newspaper had been left there, and they pounced on it. 'What date is it? It might tell us whether anyone has been here recently,' said Colin. He shook it open. 'No — no use,' he said. 'Look — it's dated 16th September — ages ago!' 'Left by some visitor, probably — maybe trippers were still visiting the castle then,' said Peter. 'Come on — let's have another look round.' To their great disappointment they could find nothing of any use at all. A few cigarette ends — one or two dead matches — a

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