Five Have a Mystery to Solve (Famous Five, Book 20)

Five Have a Mystery to Solve (Famous Five, Book 20)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 75


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Whispering Island - another mysterious place, with a million stories sorrounding it ...Is it haunted? The Five are intrigued, but scared, too. Are they brave enough to go there and find out ...

















tonight, when the tide’s out, surely that would be seen?’ said Anne. Dick and Julian looked at one another. �Yes!’ said Julian. �If we lighted it on a hilly bit it would be better still - on that cliff up there, for instance.’ �Wouldn’t the guards see it?’ asked Dick. �We’d have to chance that,’ said Julian. �Yes - we could do that. Good idea, Anne. I say - we’re going to get jolly hungry, aren’t we? Anyone got anything to eat?’ �I’ve two bars of chocolate - a bit soft now though,’ said

began to feel even more excited - all except Timmy, who didn’t much like dark, secret passages, and couldn’t imagine why Julian was taking them for such a gloomy and peculiar walk. He had splashed solemnly through the stream the whole time, finding the stone ledges much too slippery for his paws. The draught grew stronger and was very cold indeed. �We’re coming near to the opening where the draught comes from,’ whispered Julian. �All quiet, now, please!’ They were as quiet as possible, and Anne

to laugh. �We can easily escape!’ �What - through that locked and bolted door?’ said Dick. �Not a hope!’ �But we can easily escape!’ said Anne, and George suddenly brightened up and nodded her head, smiling. �Oh yes - of course! Don’t look so solemn, Dick! Look up there!’ Dick looked up to where Anne was pointing. �What am I supposed to look at?’ he said. �The old stone wall?’ �No - just there - over the top of that tall chest,’ said Anne. Dick looked - and then a large smile came over his

most awfully SLEEPY.’ Julian glanced at his watch. �It’s very late,’ he said. �Long past our bedtime. What shall we do - risk sleeping here on the island - or find Wilfrid’s boat and row across to the mainland - and have a nice long, peaceful snooze in that dear little cottage?’ �Oh, don’t let’s stay on the island!’ said Anne. �I’d never go to sleep! I’d be afraid those men would find us.’ �Don’t be silly, Anne,’ said George, trying not to yawn. �They wouldn’t have the remotest idea where to

panorama! What miles of sea and sky!’ She put her bicycle against a gate and then climbed over and stood by herself, gazing down at the view. Dick joined her. Then suddenly a voice shouted loudly �FORE! FORE!’ A small white thing came whizzing through the air and landed just by Anne’s foot. She jumped in surprise. �It’s a golf-ball,’ said Dick. �No, don’t pick it up. Whoever’s playing with it, has to come and hit it from exactly where it fell. Good thing you weren’t hit, Anne. I didn’t realize

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