Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage

Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1405204044

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub














it!’ said Fatty, and then there was a general clapping-of-backs and friendly punches. Buster nearly barked the station down, he was so excited. He pawed so hard at Fatty’s legs that Fatty had to lift him up, and carry him! �Whose dog is that?’ demanded the man called Bill. �I never saw such a badly behaved one in my life. Knocked my wife over, and made her coat all dusty! Ah - there’s a policeman - come over here, my good man. I want to report this dog. It’s been out of control, attacked my

supply of generous aunts and uncles and grandparents. �Sit, Buster. Well-mannered dogs do NOT put their paws on the table, and count the number of scones.’ �They’d take some counting!’ said Ern, eyeing the plate with much approval. Then he jumped violently, as a large burly figure suddenly appeared at the door. �Oh - good morning, Mr. Goon,’ said Fatty. �Do come and join us. Do you like hot, buttery scones?’ Mr. Goon stalked in, his lips pursed up as if he was afraid he might say something he

biscuits and hot cocoa, Fatty began to talk. �I think the time has come for a recap,’ he said, �We…’ �What’s a recap?’ said Bets, much to Ern’s relief. He too had no idea what Fatty meant by a �recap’ but did not dare to ask. �Oh - recap is short for recapitulation,’ said Fatty. �I…’ �Yes, but I don’t know what recapit - pit - whatever you said, is either,’ said Bets. �Dunce!’ said Pip, in his brotherly way. �All right - you tell her what it is, Pip,’ said Fatty, at once. �Well, it’s -

Larkins. Sure as I’m here, there were two. But what will the Chief say if I send in a report and say I saw two? �My dear Goon,” he’ll say, �you must have been seeing double. Hadn’t you better buy yourself some glasses?” � Goon mimicked the Chief’s voice, and felt very pleased with his imitation. �Ho, Chief!’ he said. �Ho! Glasses I need, do I? Let me tell you this - I don’t need glasses, and I don’t need advice from you - all I want is a spot of promotion, which is more than due to me…’ He

I’ve been a mutt. So have we all!’ �I told you so!’ said Ern triumphantly, looking round at the others. �I said he was solving everything, didn’t I, Bets?’ �But - what have you solved?’ said Pip. �Not everything, surely!’ �I think so. I’m just not quite certain about one thing,’ said Fatty. �However, we’ll soon know!’ �Tell us,’ begged Larry. �It’s frightful, not knowing what you’re talking about! Do tell us.’ �No time,’ said Fatty, riding fast. �I must get to a telephone box immediately.

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