Adventures with the Wife and Blake: Volume 1 - The Blake Years

Adventures with the Wife and Blake: Volume 1 - The Blake Years

Neil Perryman, Sue Perryman

Language: English

Pages: 280


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One woman's incredibly sweary, completely unofficial, but occasionally insightful guide to the first 26 episodes of the cult BBC science fiction series Blake's 7. This book collects the first half of the moderately successful Adventures with the Wife and Blake blog ('The Way Back' to 'Star One') and includes a new introduction, exclusive episode annotations and a foreword by Gareth Roberts.















more moments when Sue appreciates a performance, or a design or even an entire episode, when the space between herself and the husband is bridged. ‘I get why you like that,’ she might tell him. What that really means is ‘I get you’. And that’s really what any of us wants to hear, isn’t it? Gareth Roberts September 2014 Introduction If you’re reading this ebook then it means you must have backed us on Kickstarter, so I’d like to begin by saying thank you. We really couldn’t have done this

remember watching when this episode first went out - that big dome in the background. The rest is just a blur. Sue: It’s pretty good, actually. No wonder you remember it. I’ve got to say, this isn’t what I was expecting at all. This is more like Edge of Darkness than Doctor Who. Were you excited when Blake’s 7 came along, Neil? Me: Big time. I didn’t sleep the night before. Sue: You didn’t sleep last night either. Me: That’s completely different. Sue: So what brought Blake’s 7 on, then? Was the

Blake’s 7? Don’t be ridiculous, Sue. Comment: O.R.A.C. stands for Over-Righteous Attitude Contraption. – Graeme Interlude A When we reached the end of the first series, I tried to gauge how my wife was coping with the programme so far. Me: Very early on, you claimed that Blake’s 7 was much better than Doctor Who. Do you still believe that? Sue: Yes, I do. Definitely. Me: Really? I’m surprised. Sue: It’s the characters and the premise that I like. The execution could be a lot better, but the

that he wants to teleport to the Q-Base, just in case. Sue: There’s no sexual chemistry between Blake and Jenna at all. I’m really surprised by that. Me: I’m relieved. Your shipping is bad enough as it is. The derelict spaceship lands on Fosforon. Sue: Either they are hosting a Formula 1 race, or the costume designer is taking the piss. Me: June Hudson modelled these costumes on the Michelin Men on purpose, I think. Sue: That doesn’t make it any better! The only way those costumes would make

from the nearby Andromeda galaxy at bay. Sue: How would a minefield in space work, exactly? Couldn’t you just go around it? Or over it? Or under it, perhaps? Seems a bit odd to me. Meanwhile, a Star One technician named Lurena suddenly realises that she is the lone survivor in a horrific battle against alien body snatchers. Sue: How did the baddies know where Star One was? I bet it was Travis. He’s doing a Master and he’s working with the aliens. I bet they betray him. And if there really is a

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