Adventures with the Wife and Blake: Volume 2 - The Avon Years

Adventures with the Wife and Blake: Volume 2 - The Avon Years

Neil Perryman, Sue Perryman

Language: English

Pages: 310


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One woman's incredibly sweary, completely unofficial, but occasionally insightful guide to the last 26 episodes of the cult BBC science fiction series Blake's 7. This book collects the second half of the moderately successful Adventures with the Wife and Blake blog ('Aftermath' to 'Blake') and includes a new introduction, exclusive episode annotations, a foreword by Una McCormack, and a new interview with Sue.





















to your men. Sue: Dear me. I don’t like the sound of that. Servalan has arrived on this planet at the request of Section Leader Grose. Sue: Is she Tony Blair to his John Prescott? Me: Yes, he does look a bit like John Prescott. Sue: And she’s committed loads of war crimes. When Poola is handed over to Grose’s men, she is referred to as a ‘present’. I pour another double and brace myself. Sue: And I thought ‘The Harvest of Whatsit’ was sexist bollocks. I almost don’t know what to say. Fucking

where a strange figure is seated at the controls. Sue: Either the money has run out and that is Blake’s 7’s worst ever monster, or this is a trap. She breathes a huge sigh of relief when we see Cancer hiding on the ship’s flight deck. Sue: He looks like Noel Edmonds crossed with Michael Ball, with a young Colin Baker thrown in for good measure. Tarrant and Cancer engage in some fisticuffs. Sue: This is a very realistic fight, but there’s no atmosphere. I’ve lost faith in the director.

sarcastic cunt. Zukan’s ship is on its last legs. Sue: He’ll never survive fifteen hours like that. He’ll drown in his own vomit first. Zukan doesn’t believe that his daughter is still on Xenon Base. Zukan: No! No! You’re not there! I DON’T BELIEVE YOU! Sue: Switch your audio-only Skype call to video, you fool! Avon finds a solution without Zukan’s help. Sue: This bit is quite good, actually. They need to reverse the polarity of the whatsit. Obviously. Zukan, meanwhile, is haunted by a

over.’ While the crew debate the Federation’s motives for leaving the planet to its own devices, Sue issues me with a stark warning: Sue: Just so you know, if Servalan turns up on this planet, the cushions are definitely coming out. But there’s another reason for the crew’s interest in Obsidian: Blake has been sighted there. Sue: What about Jenna? Why don’t they look for her? I thought she was supposed to be in a hospital… Oh no… You don’t think they stole her organs, do you? Tarrant and

in the robot costume. Me: No, Sue, he isn’t. Blake’s gone. I feel as if I’m telling her that one of Jenna’s kittens has just died. Sue: What do you mean - Blake’s gone? Gone where, exactly? Me: I mean he isn’t coming back. The actor, Gareth Thomas, got fed up with it. He wanted to direct a couple of episodes, but the BBC told him to sling his hook. Sue: That’s a bit mean. He couldn’t have done any worse than some of the directors we’ve had to put up with. Like this one, for example. Me: Anyway,

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