Wolf Story (New York Review Collections (Hardcover))

Wolf Story (New York Review Collections (Hardcover))

William McCleery

Language: English

Pages: 88

ISBN: 1590175891

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This irresistible book is about: a father; his five-year-old son, Michael (intelligent, crafty, addicted to stories); Michael’s best friend Stefan (stalwart listener, equally addicted to stories); and, well—what else?—a story. 

Oh, and a wolf. It is as Michael always demands: a Wolf Story, which begins one night at bedtime and spins wildly on through subsequent bedtimes and Sunday outings to the beach and park in a succession of ever more trickily tantalizing episodes. Waldo the wolf is sneaking up on Rainbow the hen, when Jimmy Tractorwheel, the son of the local farmer, comes along. After that, there’s no knowing what will happen next, as while stalled in traffic jams or nodding off at night, the boys chime in and the story races on and Waldo finds, if not necessarily dinner, his just desserts.

First published in 1947 and wonderfully illustrated by Warren Chappell, William McCleery’s Wolf Story is a delicious treat for fathers and sons and daughters and mothers alike.




















wolf less?’ “ ‘One wolf less is one wolf less,’ said Tom, ‘and I’m colder than a well-digger’s toe.’ “It was really chilly there in the farmyard in the middle of the night with nothing on but pajamas and bathrobes and slippers. “ ‘What do you say, Jimmy?’ said Papa Tractorwheel. ‘We can’t stand here all night arguing.’ “ ‘I think we ought to lock the wolf up in a cage,’ said Jimmy. ‘Tomorrow I will come and talk to him. I will try to learn about wolves so I can work out a plan for solving the

maybe I can get that man over there to fix the carburetor.” He pointed to a man who was bending over the engine of his own automobile, parked across the street. The man did try to fix the carburetor but couldn’t. “I’ll give you a shove in my car,” said the man. “Maybe that’ll start her.” So Michael and Stefan and Michael’s father got in the car. The man drove his car around behind them and began to push. He pushed and he pushed, but still the engine wouldn’t start. The man knew of a garage

fun-loving Tractorwheel, who was always making bum jokes. “ ‘Did you see a pot of gold?’ said Tom. “ ‘No, why?’ said Jimmy. “ ‘They say there is always a pot of gold at the end of a Rainbow, and this sure looks like the end of Rainbow!’ “Tom slapped his leg and laughed so hard he fell over backward in his chair. “ ‘I don’t think it’s funny,’ said Jimmy. “ ‘No, but it’s true,’ said his father. ‘This is the end of Rainbow.’ “ ‘Maybe not,’ said Jimmy. ‘Maybe we could rescue Rainbow from the

rolled over on his side and propped himself up on one elbow. “Steffy,” he whispered. Stefan opened one eye and whispered, “What?” “You asleep?” said Michael. Stefan opened the other eye, thought for a moment and said, “No.” “Let’s play a game,” whispered Michael. “Your father said to be quiet till rest is over,” whispered Stefan. “But my father is asleep!” whispered Michael. “I am not,” said his father, opening his eyes. “Daddy! You were!” cried Michael. “But I’m not now!” “Good!” said

the jar of fireflies on the ground and began to dig furiously. The soft earth was easy digging. His sharp toenails ripped it up and threw it back between his front legs, and it rattled against his empty belly, sounding like a drum and reminding him that he was mighty hungry. He had his nose right in the earth. And then all of a sudden his toenails hit the concrete wall. He was digging so fast that his nose banged against the rough concrete. “ ‘OUCH!’ he yelped. ‘I skinned my nose!’ “In the

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