The Black Stallion and Flame

The Black Stallion and Flame

Walter Farley

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0679820205

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

While flying to a race, Alec Ramsay and the Black’s plane crash-lands in the stormy Caribbean. Chance brings the Black to the hidden island home of the giant red stallion, Flame. Such a small island can only support one alpha male. But before the two can fight–a fight that can only result in the death of one–a new danger appears. Together, can the stallions defeat the deadly foe which threatens the lives of the entire herd of wild horses?











we must instill confidence in the passengers and make ’em believe that the crew knows exactly what’s to be done. Don’t ever let ’em know we’re as scared as they are. It’d never do.” “That’s enough,” the captain ordered angrily. The soft pink and yellow lights of the flight deck disclosed the beads of perspiration on his forehead. “Stay back there with them,” he told the navigator. “When I flash on the NO SMOKING sign we’ll be headed for the water. Brace yourself and hang on for good then.” The

forward, one slow step at a time. He was almost within reach of the vampire when there was a quick movement of its wings and suddenly small bright eyes were staring into his. The vampire continued hanging downward but now his lips were drawn back, disclosing long, sharp-edged teeth. And from the tiny mouth came a low, rumbling snarl. Alec was afraid to make the first move so he remained stock-still, staring back at the vampire. The bat seemed disinclined to move also but began uttering soft,

told you before …” “I saw something move! I’m sure of it.” “Maybe it was the bat.” “This was no bat.” “If it was the Black he would have seen us earlier an’ come.” Alec kept the binoculars fixed on the sandspit. Finally he said quietly, “I’m certain he’s there, Henry.” “Y’mean you see him?” the old man asked incredulously. “No, but I will—any second now.” Henry shook his head, more in deep respect than in bewilderment. Alec believed the Black was somewhere on shore and Alec was seldom

chance I have to get away from the post when you’ve got me weighted down with so much lead. No track handicapper would be allowed …” The plane broke free of the overcast and below could be seen the tossing black sea. ANGRY SEA 3 The navigator went to the flight deck but returned almost immediately. “There’s not much gas sloshing around at the bottom of our tanks,” he told them quietly, “and no land below, so it looks like we’re going to have to ditch. Just remember not to hurry. We’ll

open.” “That … that was the last time you saw him?” Alec asked. Henry nodded again. In the rough sea he’d been lucky to see the horses at all, but he wasn’t going to tell Alec that. It was enough that only one human life had been lost … so far. As the captain had said, they were still a long way from being safe. Henry turned to the copilot, who was letting out a small hydrogen balloon to which a radio antenna was attached. The crewman caught Henry’s gaze and smiled grimly. “This is a friend of

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