WebUser [UK], Issue 389 (27 January - 9 February 2016)

WebUser [UK], Issue 389 (27 January - 9 February 2016)

Language: English

Pages: 76

ISBN: 2:00321056

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Webuser is a top UK's internet magazine featuring news, software and website reviews, funny websites, broadband price guide, technical help and forums.

















LastPass can come in handy. LastPass 4 is a major new version of the software and offers an updated design with a simpler and smarter password vault. It also introduces two useful new features – Emergency Access, which allows trusted contacts to access your passwords in the event of something bad happening to you, and a new Sharing Centre that lets you share logins securely. LastPass is available for all major platforms, including iOS and Android, and most browsers. Look out for a Workshop in our

available for iOS and Android for some time, and you can now get it for Windows Phone. It keeps you up to date with the latest scores and match stats across all UK and European leagues and competitions. As well as offering live scores and commentary, SSFSC displays the latest headlines, league tables and fixtures, and you can select your favourite team for relevant updates. It even includes a handy ‘pub finder’ so you can locate the nearest venue showing Sky Sports! Our rating ★★★★★ GET THE

for greater appreciation of the music, as well as stories and trivia. Behind The Lyrics is limited to Hip Hop and Hits playlists at the moment but should expand its repertoire soon. 6 27 Jan - 9 Feb 2016 people to think up new ways of presenting the public-domain materials as games and interactive content, so there should be exciting things ahead. Just don’t lose track of the time when you visit the site: with this little lot you could be sitting in hushed silence for hours.

2016 0x00000050’, ‘DLL file is missing’ and – our favourite – ‘Something happened’. What do these baffling error messages even mean? In this feature, we set out to demystify the most common Windows errors, explaining the most likely reasons for why you’re seeing them, and – most importantly – showing you how to overcome them and prevent them from reoccurring. We also include some quick explanations of error codes that you can refer to the next time Windows pops up one of its headscratching error

you want to run won’t launch in Windows, even though you know it’s installed and has worked previously without problems. How to fix it: Firstly, try rebooting your PC, to see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, try uninstalling and reinstalling the troublesome application, and/or updating to the latest version. If you still get no joy, click Start and type regedit to launch the Registry Editor. Navigate to the entry:

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