Byte (December 1986)

Byte (December 1986)

Language: English

Pages: 458

ISBN: 2:00212654

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Vol. 11, issue 13.














expands without bound nor dies out but persists in a selfperpetuating state. An example is the rule 0010000000 with initial state II (i.e., any two adjacent cells in state I with all other cells 0). The first sum will (continued) 184 BY T E • DECEMBER 1986 Inquiry 39 4 _ MATHEMATICAL ART 650 LINE (NX.0)-STEP(7.7).CL(J).BF 660 NEXT J 670 FOR Y-0 TO GN-1 680 FOR X-0 TO NC-1 690 IF X~0 OR X=NC-1 THEN V=3 ELSE V=CL(A(X» 700 PSET (X*SF.Y*SF+BY).V :REM Display the point 710 NEXT X 720 REM

with 256K bytes of RAM is priced at $169; with 512K. $219 ; with I megabyte. $299; and with 1.5 megabytes. $379. With I megabyte of RAM . the GSRAM Plus costs $599. For more information. contact Applied Engineering. p.o. Box 798. Carrollton. TX 75006. (214) 241-6060. Inquiry 581. A STs RamStakPlus board provides up to I megabyte of memory for the Apple IIGS. The board plugs into the IIGS's extended memory slot and uses the computer's built-in RAM disk capability. The board costs $129. For more

446-3399), ext. 2643. 62 "Build a Keyboard Function Decoder. " July 1978. "Build a Low-Cost, Remote Data-Entry Terminal," September 1980. ''Analog Interfacing in the Real World. " January 1982. . "Build a Third-Generation Phonetic Speech Synthesizer.·· March 1984. -Steve F TROTTER Bel Air. MD lcontinued) Inquiry 4 It had to happen . After years of building high-quality, low cost terminals and monitors to American specs, Samsung has gone American all the way. We've established a stateside

State University, Stanislaus (Computer Science Department, Turlock. CA 95380) , He is chairman of ACM-SIGGRAPH's Education Committee and the author of SIGGRAPH's Computer Graphics Education Directory, A MODEL IMPLEMENTATION OF STANDARD PASCAL Reviewed by Paul E, Hoffman A Model Implementation of Standard Pascal by Jim Welsh and Atholl Hay has many goals: to put the source code for a complete implementation of ISO Standard Pascal into (continued) PANASONIC®pRINTERS. THEY'RE GENERATING ALOT OF

:- Size + (BigNo + LoWord); SlzeOfFI Ie :- Size * BlgNo End; DOS function calls in a 'TUrbo Pascal program, let's use functions $4E (FindFirst) and $4F (FindNext). Function $4E locates the first file that matches the input specification. Function $4F finds additional matches. You also need to use function $2F (GetOTA) to determine the location of the current DTA. because directory search functions return information about the files they find in the DTA. THE DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM

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