The Year's Best Science Fiction: 10th Annual Collection

The Year's Best Science Fiction: 10th Annual Collection

Language: English

Pages: 624

ISBN: 2:00175076

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The eleventh annual collection of the most distinguished science fiction writing of the past year includes stories by leading writers, such as Robert Silverberg, Nancy Cress, and Terry Bisson, and features a summary of the year in science fiction.













r-rewlot of SF shows,and hasthe massivecarry-overrron-lentumgeneratedby "Star Trek: The Summation: 1992 Next Generation"going for it; if it can regularlypull a sizableproportionof the "Star Trek: TNG" viewing audience,that alone ought to ensureits survivalfor a while. Having saidthat it's the bestof the new SF shows,I must alsoadd that [ find it somewhatdisappointingoverall-it is, so far, anyway, not as good as "Star Trek: TNG" has become(although it should be rememberedthat it took tftaf show

Qui," by Alan Brennert;plus a specialBradburyAward to Terminator2. The World FantasyAwards,presentedat the EighteenthAnnual World FantasyConvention in Pir-reMountain, Georgia,on November I , 1997",were:Best Novel, Boy'sLrft, by Robert R. McCammon; Best Novella, "T'he Ragthorn," by Robert Holdstockand Garry Kilworth; Best Short Story, "The Somewhere Doors," by Fred Chappell; BestCollection, The Ends of the Earth, by Lucius Shepard;BestAnthology, The Year'sBest Fantasyand Horror: Fourth Annual

Gaines, 70, publisher of Mad magazine;Samuel S. Walker, 65, founder and presidentof Walker Publishing; Gerard K. O'Neill, 69, physicistand highly infuential advocateof spacecolonization, author of The High Frontier;Gerald Feinberg, 58, well-known physicist and longtime SF enthusiast;Scott Meredith, 69, founder and longtime head of one of the most successfulliterary agenciesin the world; Sidney Meredith, 7J, brother of Scott Meredith and co-founder of the Meredith Agency;Gerry De [.a Ree,

de Camp. In the typicallysly and witty storythat follows,he takesus sidewaysin time for a look at culturesin conflict,and a bitingly satiricversionof how thingsmight have b e e n .. . Ho Youwen, Generalof the AdvancedImperial EasternForce, to the esteemedLi Ganjing,Directorof the EasternContinentSectionof the Barbarian RelationsBureau of the ExternalAffairsDepartmentof the Overseas and many Branchof His ImperialMaiesty'sgovernment.Health,prosPerity, SONS! Dear old friend:This personthinksthat,

limbs. Y.rropians, improper' llimate, regardsuch exposureas three:the womanMihilayo, !ll' A heateiargumentfollowedamongst-the andImathla round-eyeCritrin fristan, andthe CiiieftainImathla.Mihilayo in the tongue conversed Tristan spakein Nanipacana,whilst Mihilayo and Imathla, and Tristan brokenly. o?nrp""y", *i-ti.t' shespakealbeitsomewhat interpreters' the through havingno tonguein common,hadto communicate Barbarians The Round-Eyed 85 At lastlmathlasaidto me:"My daughterwishesto knowif you,

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