The Creative Book of Ten Best Short Stories 2011

The Creative Book of Ten Best Short Stories 2011

Phillip Grizzell

Language: English

Pages: 85

ISBN: 2:00176878

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The short story has been round since the beginning of time, told by people sat around fires in the evening spinning their poetic tales. It was a matter of bringing people together as a community to share in the pleasures and passions of a tale well told. What of this collection? The stories within come from many countries, we chose the stories we believed to be worthy of this collection, and paid no attention to their origin. Nevertheless, the authors are from the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Australia. While reading this stunning collection, you'll quickly fall into the feeling that you're there, sitting comfortable round the community fire, the skies are clear with bright stars, you can almost smell the sweet, hypnotic aroma from the smoldering fire, then drawn deep within the tales unfolding. Sit back and enjoy. Creative Print Publishing Ltd














skirts, the boys nervous. Embarrassed by the situation, Gabriela strained her ears for any footsteps. Señor Flores made ready to step in as his daughter’s partner again, his face tightened by anger. But suddenly, behind Gabriela’s back, the crowd parted for someone. Out of nowhere, someone tapped her on the shoulder. As she spun around, her face was illuminated by her wide smile. The musicians played with a new vigor now that the debutante’s anxiety had been abated. With fresh enthusiasm,

gasping for air. “I dove,” I said, pointing at the broken guardrail of the bridge, “from up there.” “Angel!” the three-year-old shouts, obviously mistaken about the target of my index finger. “More like a devil in disguise,” I thought to myself as I purposely neglect to inform the officer of the woman currently drowning on the floor of the river. The End Something to Live For Chris Barnham Something to Live For Across the table, his head is bowed and he is silent for

something. He is sitting upright, unharmed. I am still sitting with my arm stretched across the table towards him. “There’s you,” he says. “You’re what keeps me going. I don’t deserve it.” My hand is empty. There is no hammer. There never has been. There are cold drops of sweat between my shoulder blades. A wind whistles in my head like the last song of a dying whale. “You don’t want to hear me complaining,” Paul says. “I need to remember, one day I’ll be out. That’s what keeps me going.

is currently seeking a publisher for two very different novels. The first is Among the Living, a hybrid of modern vampire story, historical novel with a twist, and the story of how far a man will go to recover the thing he most loves. The book grew out of a much-loved story published years ago in the Pan Book of Horror series. The other book is called Fifty One, in which a time-travelling policeman from 2040 goes rogue in World War Two London to save the woman he loves from dying in the explosion

but liked Mel to have authority over her own ‘bolt-hole,’ as she liked to call it. Knocking again, he waited, brushing up his collar in the coldness of the closing night. He watched his breath plume like smoke in the beam of the spotlight, killing his boredom as the wait became longer. Looking over his shoulder, he saw that her car was still here, and grew increasingly worried after recollecting that he had himself heard the doorbell whilst in the bathroom at one point. Fishing his own key from

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