The Third Science Fiction Megapack: 26 Modern and Classic Science Fiction Tales

The Third Science Fiction Megapack: 26 Modern and Classic Science Fiction Tales

Language: English

Pages: 482


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Retail ePub of this series which has seven 25-story packs (#3 has 26 for some reason) to this date released since 2011. Not released annually.

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The third volume in the Science Fiction Megapack series collection 26 tales of high adventure through other worlds and times, including a complete novel by H. Beam Piper! Included in this volume are:
“The Man Who Made Friends with Electricity,” by Fritz Leiber
“Time Bum,” by C.M. Kornbluth
“The Human Equations,” by Dave Creek
“The Gun,” by Philip K. Dick
“Not Stupid Enough,” by George H. Scithers
“Jackpot,” by E.C. Tubb
“The Killing Streets,” by Colin Harvey
“Moon Dive,” by Sydney J. Bounds
“Charon’s Curse,” by John Glasby
“The Hunted Heroes,” by Robert Silverberg
“Night of the Squealers,” by Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlin
“Chaos,” by John Russell Fearn
“And Happiness Everlasting,” by Gerald Warfield
“The 7th Order,” by Jerry Sohl
“Monkey on his Back,” by Charles V. De Vet
“The Calm Man,” by Frank Belknap Long
“Alien Still Life,” by John Gregory Betancourt
“A Question of Courage,” by J. F. Bone
“Angels and Moths” by Costi Gurgu
“Second Landing,” by Murray Leinster
“The Einstein-Rosen Hunter-Gatherer Society,” by George S. Walker
“Wind,” by Charles L. Fontenay
“Star Mother,” by Robert F. Young
“The Sky Is Falling,” by Lester Del Rey

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or the fact that he had never gone out for football—whenever she started to mention any of these things, the suave young man was in great haste to interrupt her and to twist her words, by requestioning, into a different meaning altogether, till Terry’s behavior pattern seemed to coincide with the behavior pattern which the suave young man apparently considered the norm, but which, if followed, Martha was sure, would produce not young men bent on exploring space but young men bent on exploring

rang out, a string of sounds that should have come from no human vocal chords. There was a wrench and twist through every atom of Hanson’s body. The universe seemed to cry out. Over the horizon, a great burning disc rose and leaped toward the heavens as the sun went back to its place in the sky. The big bits of sky-stuff around also jerked upwards, revealing themselves by the wind they whipped up and by the holes they ripped through the roof of the building. Hanson clutched at the scrap he had

the floor with him. “So that’s why you ran off and worried Pappy Jack? You wanted your family here, too!” The others piled the things they were carrying with Little Fuzzy’s steel weapon and approached hesitantly. He talked to them, and so did Little Fuzzy—at least it sounded like that—and finally one came over and fingered his shirt, and then reached up and pulled his mustache. Soon all of them were climbing onto him, even the female with the baby. It was small enough to sit on his palm, but in

meant, and that would be fun, too. And they could; now the Big Ones could put things in their ears and hear what they were saying, and Pappy Jack was learning some of their words, and teaching them some of his. And soon all the people would find Big Ones to live with, who would take care of them and have fun with them and love them, and give them the Wonderful Food. And with the Big Ones taking care of them, maybe more of their babies would live and not die so soon. And they would pay the Big

the house and two policemen came up the walk. “Professor Tomlin,” the first officer said, “your wife phoned and said there was―” He saw the robot and stopped. Prof. Tomlin got to his feet. “This is George, gentlemen,” he said. “Late of Zanthar, he tells me.” The officers stared. “He’s not giving you any―er―trouble, is he, Professor?” “No,” Prof. Tomlin said. “We’ve been having a discussion.” The officers eyed the humanoid with suspicion, and then, with obvious reluctance, went back to

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