End of the Road

End of the Road

Jacques Antoine, Jeanette Raleigh, Jess Mountifield, Alison Blake, Brandon Hale

Language: English

Pages: 296


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Roads end. They begin somewhere, too. In between, all manner of things happen: friendship, betrayal, horror and maybe even joy. For some, the End of the Road brings love and happiness, for others agony and suffering, and for a precious few, sorrow may lead to something revelatory. The potholes and pitfalls found in this anthology are many, but for every character, there is an end of the road.

This road ends in a collection of short stories by 25 of the most gifted writers of our time. Intended for lovers of short fiction everywhere, the End of the Road is a must read for anyone intent on keeping current with the literary scene.

Contributing authors:

Brandon Hale

Robert Thomas

Saxon Andrew

James Rozoff

Anna J. McIntyre

Donna B. McNicol

Randall Morris

James Rozoff

Alison Blake

Jeanette Raleigh

L. S. Burton

Jess Mountifield
C. A. Newsome

J R C Salter

Michael Meyer

E. B. Boggs

David A. Cuban

Scott Langrel

John Daulton

Kathleen Steed

Chris Ward

Jacques Antoine

Suzie O'Connell

Thomas Jenner

Angeline Perkins

















clouds in a harsh blue sky; the narrow barren boles of abandoned rubber tree plantations; the occasional water buffalo standing patiently by the road. They zoomed past orange earth stripped clean and levelled flat, waiting for development; temples with elegant roofs curving towards the sky, roof tiles blinding in the sunlight; billboards advertising herbal supplements and massage chairs. The shape of the green-furred mountains against the sky brought back an unpleasant memory – the first time

paper and they are let through with curious looks and the soldiers finger their weapons but say nothing. The next morning they run into a storm of locusts, the insects come flying out of nowhere in their millions. They grow like a dark cloud on the horizon and the horses shy and the men reach for their guns but they are useless. The insects swarm over them blindly, as if the men and the horses do not exist, are a figment of a locust god’s imagination. They enter their hair and their clothes and

reckon you’re going ter use that ole murderin piece on me, Dimpsey. An he holds out his hands an starts coming towards me some more. An at first I thought he might be right, cos all my ’memberins o those river days was stirrin still an I kep seein him as the laughin boy he’d bin an not this robber he’d become. An then suddenly I ’membered meself an my finger clutched tight on the gun’s trigger an there was a bang that seemed ter make the whoal world glitch. Loud as a splodey goin off it was, an

seat. Tug, check, adjust padding, close door. There was something obsessive, even crazed, about the way he worried about the TV. When he’d agreed to take us to Dindigul, he’d been really taking the damn TV to Dindigul. Mani got back in and started the engine. “Mani, I don’t think you take such good care of your child even,” I joked, again in Tamil. Mani half-turned his head, and I caught the gleam of a gap-toothed smile. “Sir, all this is to take care of my child only. From where did you learn

played an economist? If Gabriel the economist isn’t there, it means all the papers which cite your work aren’t there. Ditto for the economists who wrote those papers. Do you think Adam Smith would exist in that world? So how can your wife play an economist? The Butterfly Effect, have you seen it?” I waggled my hand. “Interesting point. But not necessarily. In an alternate world–” “Have you seen the movie?” “Butterfly Effect? No. Ashton Kutcher is in it, right?” “No. Some guy who looks just

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