The Race to Doobesh (The Secrets of Droon #24)

The Race to Doobesh (The Secrets of Droon #24)

Tony Abbott

Language: English

Pages: 148


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With nearly 2 million books in print, this Little Apple series is H-O-T, hot. The SECRET is out -- DROON is the series that kids, parents, and teachers are talking about!

Ko's beasts have taken over Doobesh, a dangerous city full of thieves and pirates. Now they're hard at work at the magical forge in the nearby Dark Lands, creating powerful armor that will make them unstoppable. That is, unless Eric and his friends destroy the armor first. The race is on! Can the kids beat the beasts, flatten the forge, and dash out of the Dark Lands in time? On your mark . . . get set . . . GO!





















and collapsed the blocks of light until they were no larger than a pair of dice. In just moments, he took all the things in the cave, no matter how big, and bent, spun, and folded them into his pockets and pouches. Then, leading the small group to the mouth of the cave, he lowered his staff. The finger pointed straight ahead, and a beam of golden light pressed into the storm, parting the sands before it. Pasha grinned. “And now, as Neal would say, FOLLOW ME!” The howl of the storm was

forge. More and more beasts entered the forge. Their roaring and cawing and chattering became louder and louder. Reaching the top of one smokestack, Eric swung his noodle back and forth until he was able to swing it into the top of the smokestack. Neal, Julie, Keeah, and Sparr followed right behind. Still clutching tight, they rode the noodles down into the furnace. “Good thing Pasha cooled the fire,” said Neal. “I don’t want to be roasted!” Finally, the six friends dropped to the floor of

all? he wondered. But now the flames were building higher. Heat rose from the pile of coals and metal. “Getting hot!” said Julie tugging the noodles. “Pasha! Back up!” Almost at once, the noodles began to draw them back up the smokestack. Very soon they heard the sounds of little explosions, popping and crackling, and the sounds of yelling. “Uh-oh,” said Neal. “I think the beasts know we’re here!” “Hurry! Keep going!” urged Max. When they were outside the smokestack again, they saw Pasha

“Gethwing!” and bowing as Jabbo’s cart rolled past. “What — what — I mean — what is going on here?” sputtered Julie. Glancing over the heads of the bowing beasts, Jabbo suddenly spied the children on the rooftop. His eyes widened. He flinched. “He looks afraid,” said Keeah. “And maybe glad to see us,” said Eric. Keeping his eyes fixed on the kids, and careful not to let the beasts see, Jabbo pointed into his hand and nodded toward where a bridge arched over the square ahead. It was thick

still cupping his ears. “An echo way out here means … we found a cave!” Led by Sparr, the small band struggled forward until they found themselves at the mouth of a deep cave, half buried in the spinning sand. As they stared into the darkness, a voice spoke from inside the cave. “I say!” it said. “The weather is quite nasty out there. Do come in!” Even though the sandstorm was whirling and spinning around them, the children hesitated before the cave’s entrance. They looked at one another,

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