Lucky (The Puppy Place #15)

Lucky (The Puppy Place #15)

Ellen Miles

Language: English

Pages: 86

ISBN: 0545083478

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Charles faces a super-sized challenge when torrential rain and an injured pup take his camping trip by storm! Can they bring each other any luck?

Charles and his shy new friend David are camping out in the backyard when a big storm blows in. They make a dash for the house-but not before Charles sees a pair of eyes glowing in the night. Was that a puppy out there, all alone in the storm?
The next day, Charles and David find the stray, injured mixed-breed puppy, win his trust, and get him to the vet. He's very sick, and the vet is not sure she can save him. Will this Benji look-alike be lucky enough to survive and find a home?















night. Being in the tent was cool, like being outside and at the same time being all safe and cozy in your own little house. Once the boys were all zipped into their sleeping bags, they kept their flashlights on and talked for a while. Charles told David a few of his favorite jokes, like “What do sea monsters eat? Fish and ships!” David told Charles about some of the other places his family had gone camping, like in Wyoming and South Carolina. “Tomorrow I’ll show you my collection of state

David’s father stood on the back porch, holding the door open. “Wait!” Charles couldn’t seem to move a muscle. “I think there’s a puppy out there.” CHAPTER TWO David’s dad came over to look. He shined his flashlight all over the backyard. There was nothing to see but big, fat raindrops shining silvery in the beam of yellow light. “It was probably just a raccoon or something.” He patted Charles on the shoulder. “What would a puppy be doing out in this crazy storm?” Now David’s mother was at

his stomach. “But — aren’t you starving? I am. I’m so hungry I can’t even think anymore.” The boys made their way back down the stream and headed toward the house, keeping an eye out for the puppy. At the back door, David looked at Charles. “Um —” Charles looked down at his muddy front. What a mess. He knew his mom would kill him if he went into his own house dripping with mud. David’s parents probably wouldn’t be too happy, either. “Maybe I better not come in.” David nodded. “I’ll be right

punch in the arm, and David blushed some more. David didn’t seem nearly as shy as before. Maybe he was getting used to being around Charles. And he sure was full of ideas. In fact, Charles thought, maybe David and Sammy weren’t so different after all. They were both idea people. The boys splooshed up the muddy path again and headed for the fallen log near the boulder. “Right here?” Charles pointed to the log. “Shhh!” David turned to face him with his finger up to his lips. “We don’t want to

were still asleep upstairs.” She stretched and yawned. “How about some pancakes?” Charles felt his stomach rumble. That baked potato had not filled him up one bit. “Mom — Dad —” David began. “Too bad about your campout last night.” David’s dad cleared newspapers away to make space at the table. “You guys almost got washed downstream.” Charles had almost forgotten about that. The wild, stormy night seemed far in the past. Right now, the only thing on his mind was that poor, scared stray puppy.

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