02: The O'Sullivan Twins at St Clare's

02: The O'Sullivan Twins at St Clare's

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 193


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Schooldays at St Clare's are never dull for twins Pat and Isabel O'Sullivan in Enid Blyton's much-loved boarding school series.

In book two, it's the start of the Easter Term and the twins are looking forward to meeting all their friends at St Clare's once more. They are determined to be obedient and studious, but the new girls prove to be so much fun. Poor Mam'zelle had better watch out.

Expect mischief at St Clare's!

Between 1941 and 1946, Enid Blyton wrote six novels set at St Clare's. This edition features the original text and is unillustrated.













regretfully. 'I'd arranged to go for a walking-tour with Miss Walker. We've got it all planned.' Each mistress had a week-end off during the term, and they looked forward to this very much. The class knew how precious the week-ends were to the staff, and they stared in disappointment at Miss Lewis. What a pity! Just the Saturday the play was on. It would have been such fun to go and see it. 'Oh, blow!' said Pat. 'Wouldn't that just be the way! Never mind, Miss Lewis ' it can't be helped.'

such force on the girl's hand to make her drop the ball that the Oakdene girl squealed in pain. The referee blew her whistle and called Margery to her. 'Gosh! Is she going to send her off the field for a foul?' groaned Belindam sho badly wanted her team to win. 'She deserves it, I now ' she's such a savage when she gets excited ' but we can't afford to lose her just now!' But Margery fortunately was not sent off. She was severely reprimanded, and walked back to her place with the usual sullen

her!' They all went back to the common room. The third-formers went to the big room they shared with the fourth form, and the top-formers went to their studies. The time before bed was always cosy and friendly and jolly. 'What are you going to do, Isabel?' asked Pet. 'Shall we finish that jigsaw puzzle Tessie lent us?' 'No,' said Isabel. 'I want to mend a stocking. I shall have Matron after me if I don't. She told me to do it three days ago and I forgot.' 'All right. I'll talk to you and

think what it could be. 'It looks like flickering firelight,' she thought. 'But who is sleeping on the third storey, I wonder? Wait a minute ' surely that isn't the window of a bedroom? Surely it's the little window that gives light to the stairway that goes up to the top storey?' She watched for a little while, trying to make certain. But in the darkness she couldn't be sure if it was the staircase window of a bedroom window. The light flickered on and on, exactly as if it were the glow of a

wasn't bad-tempered, like she is now.' 'Janet, I'll copy out that poem once for you,' said Kathleen. 'My writing is a bit like yours. Mam'zelle won't know. You can't possibly do it three times yourself today.' 'Oh, thanks, Kath, you're a brick,' said Janet. 'That will be a help. I wouldn't let anyone take on a part of my punishments if I could help it. But goodness me. Mam'zelle must be mad if she thinks I've enough time to do all she said!' Kathleen copied out the poem once in Janet's French

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