Sea Horses

Sea Horses

Louise Cooper

Language: English

Pages: 160


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Tamzin Weston unwittingly releases the evil spirit of the Grey Horse, who has been trapped inside a small statue for hundreds of years. Her mistake threatens to bring perpetual storms and danger. Only Tamzin can put things right and bring balance back to nature. To do this she must find and enlist the spirit of the Blue Horse, a force for good, who has battled and overcome the Grey Horse once before.











the mucking out?’ He grinned. ‘Then if Mum says it's OK, I'll give you your first riding lesson. You said you want to learn, didn't you?’ Tamzin's worries about the Grey Horse melted away and her face lit up. ‘Oh, yes!’ she said. ‘I'd love to!’ Mucking out was hard, smelly work but Tamzin didn't mind in the least. For the first time in her life she was involved with horses, and she loved it. She forked soiled straw out of the stalls, put down fresh, then helped Joel to fill all the water

whole thing three times before Joel came to her rescue. ‘Never mind,’ he said. ‘The more you do it, the easier it'll get.’ He slipped the snaffle bit into Moonlight's mouth, pulled the bridle over the pony's head and buckled the strap called the throatlash. ‘Right. Just a hard hat, and we're ready.’ With a borrowed riding helmet firmly on, Tamzin really felt ‘the biz’, as Joel put it. He showed her how to mount, gathering the reins and placing her hands on Moonlight's back, then putting her

at the picture again. ‘Do you always paint horses?’ ‘Nearly always,’ said Nan. ‘Though I sometimes do other things to sell. I used to ride, you know, but I wasn't very good at it. So now I just do horse pictures and collect a few horsy things.’ Tamzin smiled shyly at her. ‘Thank you for putting this one in my room. It'll be the first thing I see when I wake up every morning.’ Nan's expression changed. ‘The first thing you see…’ she mused. ‘Mmm… that's probably just as well.’ Whatever did she

was missing. She slipped the fragment into her pocket again and turned to walk back the way she had come. As she rounded the headland she saw that she was no longer alone on the beach. Four ponies were coming towards her. One was being ridden, while the other three followed behind on leading reins. Nan had said there was a riding stable in the valley. The ponies must have come from there, and Tamzin watched with quickening interest as they came towards her. The rider was a dark-haired boy of

storms and gales and huge, raging tides, and the people of the coast were terrified, for it seemed that the Grey Horse would win and destroy them all. But one fisherman's family were determined to help the Blue Horse. I don't know how they did it: the tale is so old that that part of it's long lost. But somehow that family joined forces with the Blue Horse, and between them they overcame the Grey Horse and defeated him.’ Nan turned to the table again. ‘When the battle was over and the people

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