The Mystery of the Strange Bundle (Rewards)

The Mystery of the Strange Bundle (Rewards)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0416174221

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Part of the "Rewards" series covering a range of Enid Blyton's work from her stories for the very young, such as the adventures of "Brer Rabbit" and "Amelia Jane", to stories for older children including the "Malory Towers" books. This book follows the adventures of the Five Find-Outers.



















�What you doing here? HERE, in this house that’s under police supervision. You want to get locked up, I suppose - Being Found on Enclosed Premises, and up to no good, I’ll be bound! HO!” Fatty stepped back out of range of Mr. Goon’s explosians. �I heard a kitten mewing here,” he said. still politely. �And being a subscriber to the R.S.P.C.A. - if you know what that means, Mr. Goon - I naturally had to come into the house to find it.” �Pah!” said Mr. Goon, disbelievingly. �This here house is

the time one came to my window. I got out of bed and watched for a while then.” �Where does your bedroom face - towards our house?” asked Larry. �No - it faces on to the next-door house,” said Erb. �The one that was burgled last night. When I looked out about half-past twelve there was still a light on downstairs in the sitting-room. Mr. Fellows must have been sitting working there like he often does. Sometimes he doesn’t draw his curtains, and I see him sitting at a table. But last night the

direction and not up the road towards the hills. Now, where was the road being mended on the way to the river? Fatty decided regretfully to leave Buster behind. Too many people knew Buster. If they met him in company with a strange young man at night, they might think somebody was stealing him. So Buster was left behind, curled up on the rug in the shed. Fatty went to Mr. Fellows’ house, and looked at it. It was in complete darkness. He stood at the back gate and looked along the road. Yes - he

what have you got in that sack?” �Bricks and stones,” said Fatty, truthfully, in a sad, weary, old-man voice. �Gah!” said Goon, in scorn. �Nobody carries sacks of bricks and stones about, unless they’re mad!” �Mebbe I’m mad,” said Fatty, drooping his head down so that the moonlight didn’t fall on his face. �You open that sack and let me see what you’ve got,” said Goon, threateningly. �No,” said Fatty, clutching the sack as if it contained rubies and diamonds. �Come on, now!” said Goon,

Fatty’s pencil. �Don’t take any notice of him,” said Fatty. �He’s got one of his show-off fits on. Probably feels very grand because he scared off a burglar last night. All right, Buster, be an idiot if you want to. Look - here’s the coat, complete with buttons and collar!” That was examined too. Fatty ran his hands down the lining. Could there be anything hidden there that might be of value. No - he could feel nothing. Everyone examined it solemnly. It was a well made little coat, of good

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