Icespell (Frogspell)

Icespell (Frogspell)

C. J. Busby

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1848777116

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Max and Olivia are loving life in Camelot - not only is Max having magic lessons with the great wizard Merlin but Olivia is finally in training for the Squire's Challenge. But disaster strikes when Camelot is frozen inside a magical mountain of ice and it's all Max's fault! Can he and Olivia rescue Arthur and Merlin from their icy prison before evil Lady Morgana gets to Camelot and seals their doom? Join Max and Olivia for more magical fun in their third hilarious adventure!



















the centre of the muddy path were the prints of at least two horses, and they led off towards the road, looking like whoever was riding them had galloped off in an extreme hurry. As Max stood there, Adolphus came galumphing up behind him and the others soon followed. Max turned to Great-Aunt Wilhelmina, who was looking rather cross-eyed after her rapid transition from deep sleep to broad daylight. “It’s Snotty Hogsbottom,” he groaned. “I should have known. I thought I’d put him off the trail

got to catch up with them. We’ve got to!” “Calm down, dear boy,” said Great-Aunt Wilhelmina. “I can fly a lot faster than a horse can gallop. We should be able to catch up with them. But we must know where they are going.” Max took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He pictured Snotty on his horse, just as he had seen him a couple of days ago. He pictured the crystal potion bottle, humming with the Lady’s magic. He picked up a small stick, placed it in his palm, and let the magic flow into it.

and if by some miracle he survives, you won’t be telling him anything because otherwise you’d have to tell him exactly who did the spell that iced his entire castle and all his knights!” Max stopped still. It was a very good point. What was he going to tell King Arthur, assuming they got him defrosted? Snotty saw Max’s hesitation and laughed again. “Well, Pendragon, realised just how genius my lady’s plan was now? Even if you do save the castle, which you won’t, you can’t tell anyone about

closed his eyes and pushed with all his strength at the ice-wall in front of him, undoing the magic he’d done, tearing it apart as rapidly as he could, pushing as far into the ice as possible. He felt it give, and melt away, but he wasn’t sure if he’d reached Merlin and he could already feel the effects of the Lady’s magic wearing off. Desperately he willed away the ice around Merlin, thinking hard of the wizard’s warm voice and hawk-like eyes. There was a faint crack, and Max opened his eyes.

afternoon. Max and Olivia had made a point, the day before, of seeking out Fred the kitchen boy and making him a present of a rather nice new skinning knife Max had been given for Christmas. He was surprised, but very grateful, and had sneaked them a whole sack of fresh pastries from the buttery that morning to say thank you. “You know,” said Max, as they stretched out by the pool in the sunshine and picked at the last pastry crumbs, “I thought I’d get a lot worse telling off from Merlin. Three

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