RE/Search #13. Angry Women.

RE/Search #13. Angry Women.

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frivolous; it's another form of art. And what we've done with our bodies is a form of art throughout the ages ... yet it's always been put down. Whatever we do-that we learn how to dress well, or decorate our bodies a certain way, or walk a certain way ... that we learn how to be elegant and charming and how to please people -all this is ridiculed, yet it's a form of arta very high art! Again, I think a certain range of feminists have been scared by this, so they say, "Oh god-1 won't wear

tried full body massages and I swear he was going to die - he couldn't breathe; he was turning blue. I wanted to take him to the hospital but he was a strict macrobiotic and wouldn't set foot in a hospital. So as a last resort I gave him a blow job. Obviously, neither of us were in the mood for sex whatsoever. But we weren't inhibited, so out of last-ditch desperation I thought, "Maybe this will work!" I started sucking on his cock and was really surprised when he got a hard-on. And what happened

you had to have a certain misfit, irresponsible, drunken, lifestyle. Really, that was all created to keep women out! - - Installation at The Franklin Furnace: "A Woman's Life Isn't Worth Much." Granite sculpture. Photo: Dona Ann McAdams 46 After a funeral someone said to me you know I only see you at funerals it's been three since Junebeen five since June for me. He said I've made a vowI only go to death parties if I know someone before they were sick. Why? 'cause-'cause-'cause I feel I

people happy - not to satisfY them or cater to them, but to be secure in your own desires and intentions so that you can inspire other people to get their act together. I think that's the priority. • AJ: How did you achieve this for yourself? • LL: Thirty-one years of crawling through the shit ... slowly and surely eliminating all the destructive patterns, habits and rituals, one by one. Trying to analyze where they came from, and where certain attractions, addictions and patterns originated. I

myth I always aspired to was that of Artemis or Diana, the goddess of the hunt. She was a warrior and a fighter who had nothing to do with procreation. I started working on my AIDS project over two years hefore my brother became ill. Half my friends are HIVpositive; this is my Life. These journalists who are outside the community look at my work and it scares them because it's the voice of people who are sick themselves. Because it doesn't just offer "entertainment," they can't imagine that

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