Green Smoothie Magic - 132+ Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes That Trim And Slim

Green Smoothie Magic - 132+ Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes That Trim And Slim

Gabrielle Raiz

Language: English

Pages: 196

ISBN: 0980531934

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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Discover how to make Magnificent Delicious Healthy Green Smoothies for Weight Loss, from Easy to Find Ingredients.

Perhaps you are on a 10 day green smoothie cleanse, or you are looking for the best raw vegan or vegetarian weight loss cookbooks - or maybe it's none of those, and you just want to extend your healthy eating repertoire!

Whichever it is, I promise you, Green Smoothie Magic will deliver you the best tried-and-tested smoothie recipes to suit adults and kids alike! (Includes detailed instructions on how to make them delicious and tasty, the best blenders to use, how to adapt and substitute ingredients and much much more!)

"I read - and write - health books and am especially a huge fan of greens, whole foods, raw foods, green juices and of course, green smoothies. I've read a ton of books - by a ton, I mean at least 20! This book is the best. It is visually gorgeous. It is written with the most friendly yet humbling and informative writing voice, it covers everything you may want to know about green smoothies as a beginner and also directs you to the right sections if you are in a hurry to get to the recipes. The author also have very smart and innovative ideas about what to do with your smoothies, how to measure correctly, how to simplify this whole process and she is NOT dogmatic - THANK YOU for sparing us that, Gabrielle - but she is thoroughly convincing and credible. I LOVE this book. Highly recommend it and of course, most of all, get your green smoothie on if you aren't already, book or no book! Got it? :) Good!

PS: Hope this review helped you decide!"

By Farnoosh Brock (USA) Amazon Vine reviewer!

Hi, I am Gabrielle Raiz and I have taste-tested and refined every single one of the (more than) 132 green smoothie recipes that you will find in this healthy eating cookbook.

I know how hard weight loss can be. I also know how hard it can be to get all those greens, vegetables, fruit and healthy raw food into our children. So whether you want to lose weight or just simply be as healthy as you can be then Green Smoothie Magic has the power to change your health, your nutrition, your life and also those of the people around you.

All the recipes were tried out by many other people. Many of them were scored out of 10 by my (then) 9 year old daughter. This is a great way to locate kid-friendly smoothies.
I give you advice on how to make any smoothie tasty for children (and adults too!), tips about washing and storing greens, blending and even some blender models and brands to look for that start at under $50.

You don't have to be vegetarian or vegan to benefit from green smoothies. Nor do you have to be focused on weight loss to enjoy the health benefits. Me? I love green smoothies. I love that they are SO quick and easy to make. But more than that, I LOVE the way they make me feel. Healthy. Vibrant. Light on my system yet fulfilling and deliciously satisfying.

But that's enough about me (hehe). What you will discover in Green Smoothie Magic is this:

  • 132 tested green smoothie recipes (plus suggested variations)
  • How to adapt and substitute ingredients depending on availability and taste
  • How to easily introduce green smoothies to your family (without the taste or color 'shock')
  • How to add superfoods to smoothies (not essential, just a bonus - and great for raw vegans!)
  • The best ways to wash and store ingredients
  • Blending and blender recommendations (starting at under $50)
  • 196+ pages of practical information




















of my yoga students around the world! Let’s get started ... Contents Introduction If You Are New To Green Smoothies Start Here If You Don’t Need The Information And Just Want The Recipes Start Here Is It All Just Too Simple? Super Smoothies Without The 'Superfoods' Who Am I? Are You Getting Enough? The Lowest Common Denominator How To Start Simply Start Your Day The Way You Want To Continue Meal Or Meal Replacement? The Magic Of The Green Stuff Marketing Works - Unfortunately

sister prepared one of her son’s his first smoothie right in front of him, the sounds of disgust when he saw cupsful of baby spinach go in were to say the least amusing. Dominic rejected that particular smoothie! But what is funnier is that his first one was his own concoction of carrot, celery and apples, berries, banana and ice, which he loved. ~ · ~ Don’t Get Stuck With The Same Green You know what they say? Everything in moderation. There is some talk in ‘smoothie world’ that eating

maybe some new glassware for your smoothies. Bare minimum: You need recipes, knife, blender and your produce. Drying Your Greens Use a colander to strain most of the water from your leaves. If this is all you did and put them in the fridge your greens would still perish. Drying them well is essential. So drain them and then move them from the colander to a clean dry tea towel that you lay out on a bench, table or in a bowl. You can pat the leaves dry. If you have a salad spinner this is

in a few on top of your ‘allocation’ to pack an even greater nutritious punch. After all, the more you drink green smoothies, the more you’ll enjoy the taste of your greens! Examples Of Sprouts And Microgreens The classic sprout you can find almost anywhere is alfalfa. You can also find broccoli sprouts, radish, onion, mustard and chives. They all look pretty much the same! Broccoli and alfalfa are probably the most mild. Larger varieties are lentil sprouts, mung beans, garbanzo beans

It’s got rocket in the title, but feel free to add in some sorrel for that lovely lemony flavor. Hmmm... 1 cup rocket and 1 cup sorrel ... heavenly. Blend first 8 brazil nuts 1 cup water (or nut milk or if you prefer use water only) Then add 2 cups rocket (or other strong green such as watercress) OR 1 cup mild greens + 1 cup rocket 1 cup mango (frozen or fresh) Add ice and water according to your whim Recommendation Use ¼ cup different nuts or seeds Put in a slurp of

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