Globocop: How America Sold Its Soul and Lost Its Way

Globocop: How America Sold Its Soul and Lost Its Way

Mark David Ledbetter

Language: English

Pages: 257

ISBN: B003F769H8

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The two post 9-11 presidential elections offered America a choice between big-government, high-tax globocops quibbling over the details, not an alternative to the aggressive international militarism that makes America the natural and logical target of terrorism. This book looks at the progression from republic protected by militia to empire protected by standing armies in Athens and Rome - and the similar progression in America. It looks at an alternative: The Swiss way, which has kept Switzerland free and republican for 700 years in the center of a warlike continent. America once understood and followed Washington's Great Rule and J. Q. Adams' admonition not to go out into the world in search of monsters to destroy. America was then the light of freedom, not the sword. Now it has picked up the sword only to see the light grow dimmer year by year.















finally chose to give up empire and keep its republican-esque system. And America? After reaching greatness as a republic, it, too, has given up militia defense so that it can protect the world. That is where America stands now, with the drums of war and militarism propelling it away from republic to become the New Rome. CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE Henry David Thoreau grew up in Concord Massachusetts. Walden Pond was right down the road. His mentor was Ralph Waldo Emerson. Ralph Waldo’s

and his power as the most influential member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Lodge was almost as important as Roosevelt in turning the country in a new direction. Theodore Roosevelt was destined for greatness. He was inhumanly energetic and had a determination and steadiness of purpose that would tolerate no obstacles nor would he allow weakness of spirit to abide immoral acts. There is much to like about him. He was a devoted father and husband. He was an honest politician (except

CIA success story to complement Kermit Roosevelt’s. Robe-bedecked bearded freedom fighters with CIA training and weapons (and money from Saudi Arabia) defeated the Russian Empire, garnering adulation for their heroics in the American press and within the American government. Funny, though, how these two great CIA successes developed into anti-American movements over the following years, culminating in the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon after the freedom fighters became the Taliban

what America is doing is not imperialism, it is leadership. The world, though, is not rushing to its dictionaries. Semantic niceties are satisfying to the leaders. The led, though, see nothing but an imperial boot. “But it’s such nice boot, don’t you see? We didn’t flatten Afghanistan or Iraq even though we could; we really do want them to be free and happy.” Neo-cons all say that, or did before things started falling apart. They seem to seriously believe that this silly argument will convince

Place describes some common Swiss scenes. Any weekend of the year, the railroad stations are full of civilians-turned-soldiers for training. They leave their automatic weapons piled up on the platform. Nobody but foreigners pays attention. Or you can see policemen nodding politely to men walking out of banks with machine guns - reservists must keep their personal weapons at home, and they often take them to work on the way to training.... People of all ages can be seen bicycling through the

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