Desperately Seeking Self: An Inner Guidebook for People with Eating Problems

Desperately Seeking Self: An Inner Guidebook for People with Eating Problems

Viola Fodor

Language: English

Pages: 178


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This little book is a powerful reminder that your true nature is the most precious resource that you have to help yourself. Presented in the unique form of a dialogue between a therapist and a client, it encourages self-reflection and the daily practice of inner silence as powerful ways to nurture this true self and your full healing capacity. Tenets of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality are subtly woven into easily-understood messages of hope and change.













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busy, hoping that activity would help dull the gnawing emptiness, but any relief was fleeting. She tossed aside all her yearnings for greater depth and meaning in life by deciding her expectations were idealistic. She concluded that peace of mind and fulfillment were only words. She would no longer look for them in her life. Anne overcame her anorexia with the help of a local hospital program. She was adored by her husband and two children, was an exemplary wife, mother, friend, and community

lives and are healthy, productive people. Who determines the criteria by which to measure your life? How do you know when you are well enough or free enough from your eating problem? Do you view peace of mind and inner freedom as merely the “stuff” of wishful thinking or immature dreams? We are all capable of personal fulfillment. People with eating problems are meant to learn from what they have experienced. Tell me honestly, don’t Claire, Anne, and Suzanne seem scarred or boxed-in to you?

responsibility, one that perpetuates your learned helplessness. You claim that you seek peace of mind, that you yearn to break free from your obsessions and fears, that you want to exorcise your inner demons. You say that you are willing to help yourself in any way that you can. However, is that truly the case, or are you caught up in wishful thinking or empty words? Are you truly prepared to do the necessary work or are you fooling yourself? I have observed the phenomenon of learned

looks as if part of my problem is that I’m thinking too much and trying too hard. That is all I know how to do. As I have never experienced a deep sense of myself I’m still not sure what I am looking for. What exactly is the self and how can it be so important? Your life is not meant to be as difficult as you have made it. Your life can begin to flow. The Inner Self You have within you an essence, a core, your essential self. It goes deeper than all of your limiting, negative

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