China's Museums (Introductions to Chinese Culture)

China's Museums (Introductions to Chinese Culture)

Xianyao Li

Language: English

Pages: 218

ISBN: 0521186900

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book provides a guide to China's rich and varied museum collections, illustrated with rare images from the collections themselves. A great number of exquisite objects and artifacts have been preserved on China's vast territory, many of which are now displayed as museum exhibits. These cultural relics provide a crucial supplement to documentary sources, enriching our understanding of China's long history. The sixty-one museums selected for this book include both famous collections that are featured in the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage Sites, and others that are less familiar to Western eyes. China's Museums will inspire future visitors and those with an interest in Chinese history.

















from these, together with color photographs of the designs, show the early presence and activities of northern-steppe nomadic people’s customs. These include sacrifices, hunting, herding, and so on. The Ningxia Museum currently has around 10,000 items in its collections, which are divided into eight major categories. Notable objects include northern grassland culture animal-style bronze ornaments, Western Han gold, silver and bronze ornaments, Tang-dynasty and Western Xia works of art of various

Mogao Grottoes ♦Address: Gansu Province, Dunhuang City, Mingsha Mountain, East Ridge T he Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes are located in Dunhuang County, Gansu Province, some twenty-five kilometers southeast of the city. The common name for the grottoes is the ThousandBuddha caves. These are located on the precipitous face of the east ridge of the Mingsha Mountains. Their construction began in the year 366 AD and, by the time of the Tang-dynasty empress named Wu Zetian, more than one thousand rooms had

covers a total area of 30,000 square meters, with a building area covering 17,051 square meters and an exhibition space of 6,000 square meters. The Museum has three levels and 13 exhibition halls: recently rebuilt and expanded, the new museum is quite handsome. The China Fine Arts Gallery collects, conserves, displays, and researches superlative artworks of modern Chinese artists and also folk art. It organizes a variety of Sino-foreign exhibitions, supports academic exchange and research, and

Nearby is the #1 wharf where a Huating and a dragon boat are docked, which are also for visitors’ enjoyment. The Museum currently has around 2,000 objects in its collection. These introduce the boats in which Portuguese came to Macao in the early period, as well as traditional Chinese ships and equipment. Included are also navigation tools used in Macao today. Exhibitions are divided into the fishing industry, Portuguese and Chinese discoveries, technology, and transport. The fishing section

artifacts as well as their promotion and educational material on them have seen great advances. Objects from the Museum’s collections have 29 A rose-purple Chinese flowering crabapple style ceramic flower pot unearthed in Yu County, Henan Province. A Warring States period gold-plating silver belt hook inlaid with jade unearthed in Hui County, Henan Province. An article for the dead of Han dynasty displayed in the Henan Museum (architectural model). China's Museums 30 National Treasures

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