Carb Counter: A Clear Guide to Carbohydrates in Everyday Foods (Collins Gem)

Carb Counter: A Clear Guide to Carbohydrates in Everyday Foods (Collins Gem)

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The ideal companion to the hugely successful Gem Calorie Counter, this is a handy portable guide to carbohydrates in everyday foods now improved and optimised for e-readers and tablet devices, with fully searchable text and tables.

Perfect for those following the Fast Diet (5:2 Diet), Dukan Diet, Atkins Diet or other weight-loss diets.

Clearly laid out tables give details of net carbohydrates per portion (slice, biscuit, apple) making it quick and simple to use.

Reducing carbohydrates and following a high protein diet has become a popular and effective way of losing weight and keeping those extra pounds off. The interest in the Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution is clear proof of this.

The key to following a high-protein diet is to control your carbohydrate intake. Collins Gem Carb Counter is a guide to the net carb contents of everyday foods. It also gives calories, protein and fat.

Information is given per portion to make it easy to use. High protein, carb-counting diets are often referred to as a man’s diet and this emphasis on portions rather than 100 g means that there is less working out involved.

Boredom is often the downfall of the carb counter, so a section is included which gives suggestions for different meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.




















of cakes will vary from one manufacturer to the next. Check the packaging if you need to be precise. TIP: Dark chocolate usually has less sugar than milk chocolate. Bear this in mind if you’re giving in to a chocoholic urge. BAKING PRODUCTS All of the low-carb diets advise that you reject white flour in favour of the more fibre-rich rye or wholemeal varieties, and some prefer low-carb soya flour (see the Vegetarian section). The healthiest baking products are more likely to be found in

without providing nutrients. Coffee and tea are fine in moderation; add skimmed milk and natural sweeteners, to taste. Fruit juices do have some nutrients but the high fructose content without enough fibre to slow its absorption means they could lead to fluctuating blood sugar. Don’t forget the most important drink of all: carb-controlled diets advise that you drink six to eight large glasses of water a day. TIP: Watch out for sugar or corn syrup on soft drinks labels – some have very high

organic (Meridian) 6.3 1.2 – 141 1.2 0.4 hot, organic (Meridian) 6.2 1.1 5.1 141 1.1 0.4 picante (Old El Paso) 4.6 – 4.6 28 1.4 0.5 Sour-cream based dips, 100g 4 – 4 360 2.9 37 TIP: Tapas or mezze tend to be great low-carb restaurant choices (see here for advice on eating out). Choose fresh crudités, grilled cheese and vegetables, olives, hummus and taramasalata to start your meals or to fill you up between meals. Who needs bread and butter? Food type Carb (g) Fibre (g) Net carb (g) Cal (kcal)

Chicken noodle soup: Batchelors Cup-A-Soup, sachet 15.1 0.8 14.3 182 7.2 3.8 Weight Watchers, 200ml 6.2 0.4 5.8 32 1.4 0.2 TIP: French onion soup made with good beef stock and loads of onions is fine on a low-carb diet, so long as you avoid the French bread that frequently accompanies it. Food type Carb (g) Fibre (g) Net carb (g) Cal (kcal) Pro (g) Fat (g) Chicken, noodle & vegetable Slim-A-Soup, per sachet 10.2 0.7 9.5 59 1.6 1.4 Chinese chicken Cup-A-Soup (Batchelors extra), per sachet 19.1 2

30.5 307 20 9.7 Ham, Cheese & Pickle, per pack 33 5 28 296 22 8.4 Ham, Cream Cheese & Chive Bagel, per pack 45 2.4 42.6 319 19 7 Just Salad Wrap, per pack 43 3.7 39.3 289 10 8.6 Lemon Chicken, per pack 40 2.6 37.4 315 14 11 TIP: Flatbreads and wraps are a good alternative to bread; better still, look for your favourite sandwich fillings in a tub, and use them as a topping for a fresh green salad. Food type Carb (g) Fibre (g) Net Carb (g) Cal (kcal) Pro (g) Fat (g) Mini Sushi Selection, per pack,

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