Calorie Counting (Collins Need to Know?)

Calorie Counting (Collins Need to Know?)

Language: English

Pages: 192


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

No matter what kind of diet you follow, you will have to consume fewer calories than you burn off. Easy to say and more difficult to do, so this book covers the theory, the planning and living with a low-calorie diet, complete with recipes and detailed information on the nutritional values of many foods.

Fed up or left hungry by fad diets? This book really is the best method for weight loss. Controlling calories is the key to long-term success, because you have to consume fewer calories than you burn off before your body will shed some of its fat stores.

This book includes expert tips and advice on balancing your calorie intake to suit your lifestyle and your weight loss needs. There are also comprehensive and authoritative tables for calorie intake and expenditure.

Plus: finding your ideal weight; simple menus and delicious low-calorie recipes; nutritional value of food; how to control portion sizes; calorie-burning activities, including exercises for the desk-boud; treats to keep you motivated.



















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