Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale: Ditch Dieting, Amp Up Your Energy, Feel Amazing, and Release the Weight

Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale: Ditch Dieting, Amp Up Your Energy, Feel Amazing, and Release the Weight

Jennifer Tuma-Young

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0062117009

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Balance of the essential ingredients to a happy, healthy life. Jennifer Tuma-Young's book simplifies the balance conundrum that so many of us are in, and contains all the secrets, tips, and inspiration needed to live a life in balance!" 
--Marta Tracy, Creator of The Style Network and an original founder of E!
A lifestyle coach who has been named one of "America's Ultimate Experts" by Woman's World magazine, Jennifer Tuma-Young has created program. Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale is a must-read book for anybody who has ever felt challenges with self worth, weight, dieting, stress, and life in general. Tuma-Young's simple, soulful approach offers 14 powerful techniques that help you find balance, embrace life, and be the magnificently made human being you were born to be!

















self-image, and my nasty self-talk. With this realization came a natural urge to brain dump, and so I did. I wrote my feelings, and at first it was cathartic. It was dismal, but it was a release nonetheless, and that felt liberating. I was learning about myself, so that was good too. Soon, though, I began to reframe my thoughts and to write in a more positive tone, using my mentor’s quote about attitude as my guide and choosing to focus on that which I could control. It helped me turn my life

get going. First, we’ll do a free-form brain dump just to get stuff out of your head and onto the page. Next, we’ll do a center your focus exercise to shine a light on your strengths, abilities, and past successes to discover your strongest self. Finally, I’ll help you create your revived life vision. Using a series of questions, you’ll root out the true priorities and core needs in every circle of your life—physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Along the way, I’ll ask you to

surprising. When I met with Margie for the first time, she began brain dumping immediately. She talked about her job and how she often got mad at herself because she would get so caught up in the details that she would miss the big picture. She didn’t even know what the big picture was most of the time, she confessed. INSPIRISTA INSIGHT Release Yourself from Fear I know it’s hard to just let go of fears, but by focusing on faith and hope instead of fear and despair, we open the door to all

self-assessment of your body, your mind, your self-care, and your schedule in order to find areas in your life that lack balance. I also suggested some strategies for self-acceptance. The activities I suggested included: Do a full assessment of your body and your health. Call your doctor and schedule a full physical. Assess your eating habits by keeping track of everything you eat for about a week. Do a day dump to help you clean out your schedule by pinpointing tasks that can be delegated,

walls that were chosen to inspire others. She knew I could use the encouragement and inspiration that day. Frenchie’s simple concern was just what I needed. I know that being surrounded by positive energy in the form of people, words, music, memories that make me smile, and images of dreams for my future have made all the difference in how I nurture and care for my body, how I have overcome obstacles and challenges in my life, and how I have been able to help others do the same. You may not

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