Year's Best SF 13

Year's Best SF 13

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Plus, it would explain a lot of what was on TV. Maybe the mindless people on talk shows really were mindless. In a way, he felt liberated. He certainly couldn’t care about fake people. He stopped walking, looked around at the eggshell blue sky, sucked in the sharp aroma of late Fall. The logic was clear. All the goals he had were nothing compared with this knowledge. All else being equal, then, he shouldn’t care as much about how he affected the world. Only the Programmer God mattered, because

pointed wedge shape, about ten meters above the ground and fifty meters from the ship’s nose. The view was disorienting. It was like being in a gigantic landscaped habitat, with the substrate curving the wrong way. Wolf 359 hung in the sky like a vast red balloon, above the straight edge of a flat violet-tinged expanse that, with some incredulity, I recognized as an immense quantity of water. It met the solid substrate about a kilometer away. A little to my left, an open channel of water flowed

murdered them, perhaps.” For a moment her eyes softened. She blinked a few times. Looked downward. Looked back at me. “Who did you say you are, again?” Then a door slammed above us. I heard footsteps. “Julia! Are you all right? I hoped you would return here. Someone came to the university—” I recognized the voice. It was Dr. White. His footsteps continued down the stairs. He stopped when he saw me. “What are you doing here?” he demanded. “Julia—” “Julia is unwell. I am her doctor.” “You

barrage of abuse, leaving Melissa’s enormous boobs and Jake’s white butt in full view. At school today Annette heard Ninotska telling everyone to watch this afternoon’s episode because Jake’s got such a fantastic butt. Annette doesn’t see what’s so fantastic about it. It’s paler than the rest of his brown skin, and it isn’t as hairy as other men’s butts. Still, tomorrow she’ll find an opportunity to tell Ninotska she got a glimpse of Jake’s butt, and of course she’ll say she thought it was

strives to make the danger a little plainer. “Unfortunately, the striving doesn’t seem to do much good. People keep coming, alone or in company. Sometimes they even bring children. Every year, five, or ten, or twenty don’t make it back. Do all of them get memorials in space, memoria in aeterna? No, of course not. But many do, and such memorials are becoming more popular all the time. Some are simple stones. Others—well, we’ll be showing you a few. In an age in which the hope of a life after

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