Wired [UK] (December 2015)

Wired [UK] (December 2015)

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reception for automatic time calibration – no matter where you are in the world. SAPPHIRE COATED — The glass of the MT-G is coated with sapphire for extra strength and resistance to scratches. It also has an anti-glare coating to make sure the watch face is visible at all times. CASIO G-SHOCK / WIRED PROMOTION SOLAR POWERED — The Casio Tough Solar recharging system can utilise sunlight, as well as light from fluorescent lamps and other sources. The discreet panel isn’t visible on the watch

DELIVER THE GOODS WIRED.CO.UK PRETTY ANNOYING “I’m one of those ‘lucky few’ who pre-ordered the first batch of Sproutlings (Gadi Amit: Under the skin, 10.15). The company planned to ship the device in May. Then ‘late summer’. It’s October now, and I haven’t had a word since February. The last blog post on its website is more then a year old. Are you sure the company is still in business?” Alexander Veshev, via Facebook “I’m a girl in the age group Pretty Curious is aimed at (EDF’s Pretty

rather than simply a game,” he says. “For instance, in Facebook conversations, instead of saying, ‘I’ll be back in ten minutes,’ they’re doing The Terminator’s, ‘I’ll be back’.” (On any copyright issues, Grenke is confident: “If studios really don’t want to have their content on the platform, they can request to have it taken down.”) In August, the company secured Series A funding led by Index Ventures worth $5.5 million (£3.5m). The money will partly go towards making Dubsmash a place for

the end of the 20th century, describes Henry Chesbrough, the University of California business professor who first popularised the RALLY FIGHTER Local Motors’ Rally Fighter offroad vehicle was designed by the crowd and and built in a microfactory. The project proved a key inspiration for FirstBuild. CLOTHES DRYER FirstBuild also developed a machine that dries clothes by creating a vacuum to suck the vapour out. It hasn’t worked well so far, but further tests are ongoing. FOUR STARTUPS THAT

there are permissible exposure limits,” he explains. “We don’t have such a thing in Egypt.” Sophia Epstein 2 1. HIGH-RISK MACHINERY A worker uses a rotor blade to cut blocks of limestone. Equipment is often homemade and employers are not responsible for staff safety. 2. UNDERAGE WORKERS Children as young as ten work in the searing heat of the Egyptian quarries. The Nile Valley Foundation recently found that 23 per cent of the quarry workforce are underage. PHOTOGRAPHY: PA; BARCROFT MEDIA

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