William Shakespeare: The Critical Heritage Volume 2 1693-1733

William Shakespeare: The Critical Heritage Volume 2 1693-1733

Language: English

Pages: 564

ISBN: 0415487277

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dramatic Imitation of the Fable, he always draws Men and Women so perfectly that when we read we can scarce perswade our selves but that the Discourse is real and no Fiction. (304–6) *** [Love’s Labour’s Lost] Tho’ I can’t well see why the Author gave this Play this Name yet since it has past thus long I shall say no more to it but this, that since it is one of the worst of Shakespeare’s Plays, nay I think I may say the very worst, I cannot but think that it is his first, notwithstanding those

Alteration. [5.2.101 ff] This is wonderful. Here is Poetry to elevate and amuse! Here is sound All-sufficient! It wou’d be uncivil to ask Flamsteadif the Sun and Moon can both together be so hugely eclipsed, in any heavy hour whatsoever. Nor must the Spectators consult Gresham Colledge, whether a body is naturally frighted till he Yawn agen. The Fortune of Greece is not concerned with these Matters. These are Physical circumstances a Poet may be ignorant in without any harm to the publick. These

stood upon by Mr. Rymer. Intererit multum Cholcus an Assyrius, Thebis nutritus, an Argis.1 We are not only to respect the profession of the Man in our Judgment of the Character but we must also have an Eye to his Nation, the Country he was born in, and the prevailing temper of the People, with their National Vices. By this Rule we shall find Iago an Italian, by Nature Selfish, Jealous, Reserved, Revengeful and Proud, nor can I see any reason to suppose his Military Profession shou’d too

Vertuous. It once was so to me, tho’ now my Curse. The fruit of Edward’s Love was sweet and pleasing: But oh! Untimely cropt by cruel Richard, Who rudely having grafted on his stock Now makes my Life yield only sorrow. Let me have Musick to compose my thoughts. [Song here. It will not be: Nought but the grave can close my Eyes. —How many labouring Wretches take their rest, While I, night after night, with cares lie waking, As if the gentle Nurse of Nature, Sleep, Had vow’d to rock my peevish

a People not only separated from the rest of the World by Situation but different also from other Nations as well in the Complexion and Temperament of the Natural Body as in the Constitution of our Body Politick. As we are a Mixture of many Nations, so we have the most unaccountable Medley of Humours among us of any People upon Earth. These Humours produce Variety of Follies, some of’um unknown to former Ages. These new Distempers must have new Remedies, which are nothing but new Counsels and

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