Why the Dalai Lama Matters: His Act of Truth as the Solution for China, Tibet, and the World

Why the Dalai Lama Matters: His Act of Truth as the Solution for China, Tibet, and the World

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Pages: 256

ISBN: 1582702217

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The suppression of Tibet’s cultural heritage has the potential to set a precedent for all oppressed peoples of the world. Perched on the top of the world, changes in Tibet’s ecosystem affect the entire global climate. And, most importantly, Tibet is the spiritual and physical home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, though he can never return.

But why should Tibet matter to you? Tibet is more than its mountains, its monks, and its martyrs. Robert Thurman, renowned Tibetan scholar, teacher, and activist, presents his provocative, five-point plan that will enable China to win the respect of the entire world by allowing Tibet to regain its cultural, economic, and political autonomy. Thurman shows how the Dalai Lama’s tireless work is the harbinger of peace for the world and essential for human survival.

The book outlines several key factors that will educate and empower readers to take action: What is the history of Tibet, and how do the political, religious, ecological, and social factors affect each other?- Who is the Dalai Lama, and why does his work matter to the world? What does the China-Tibet relationship mean to the global community? What can individuals do to bring attention to this issue, and make a change where they are? How can the five-point plan be used as a model of peaceful change throughout the world?




















and himself, and if they were allowed to freely manage it as an autonomous region within China, for the benefit of China and the entire world. My claims are grounded by the Dalai Lama’s own words. His speeches from various solemn settings can seem so simple and direct that people tend not to fully appreciate their weight. Elucidating them here will help to underscore their profound implications in ways that he is too humble to do himself. The Dalai Lama’s wish and vision for humanity are

April 26, 2006 José Luiz de França Penna, Brazilian Green Party President February 19, 2006 Rabbi Shlomo Amar, Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel February 19, 2006 Rabbi Yona Metzger, Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel November 18, 2005 Dr. M. G. Buthelezi, President of Inkatha Freedom Party, South Africa November 16, 2005 Harry Reid, US Senate Minority Leader November 16, 2005 Nancy Pelosi, US House Minority Leader November 16, 2005 Dennis Hastert, US Speaker of the House of Representatives

meet and talk to the Dalai Lama to find out what a good guy he is. * * * October 1, 2004 Eduardo Stein Barrillas, Vice President of Guatemala October 1, 2004 Óscar José Rafael Berger Perdomo, President of Guatemala September 29, 2004 Francisco Laínez, Foreign Minister of El Salvador September 29, 2004 Ana Vilma de Escobar, Vice President of El Salvador September 29, 2004 Antonio Saca González, President of El Salvador September 27, 2004 Mario Redondo Poveda, Speaker of the Costa

have not responded positively to the suggestions we have made, which included important concessions. If this continues, we will be compelled to reconsider our position. The key points the Dalai Lama elaborated in Strasbourg, on June 15, 1988, were as follows: * * * Beyond Dogma, Souvenir Press Ltd., London, 1996. The World of Tibetan Buddhism, Wisdom Publications, Boston, 1995. The Way to Freedom, Harper Collins, New Delhi, 1995. Violence & Compassion/Power of Buddhism, with Jean

Part II, and demonstrate with maps, is what Tibet has always been when the eleven Tibet Autonomous Prefectures (TAP), years ago split off from Tibet and placed in other Chinese provinces, are rejoined to the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). As the Chinese’s own names indicate, these are areas on the high plateau where only Tibetans can live comfortably, due to lack of oxygen, and together they have always been the homeland of Tibet. Taking the Tibetan word for Tibet, Böd, I will refer to the new

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