Who Was Franklin Roosevelt?

Who Was Franklin Roosevelt?

Margaret Frith

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0448453460

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Although polio left him wheelchair bound, Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office during the Great Depression and served as president during World War II. Elected four times, he spent thirteen years in the White House. How he led the country through tremendously difficult problems, much like the ones facing America today, makes for a timely and engrossing biography.















waist, and lovely blue eyes, she was not an “ugly duckling.” Not in his eyes. Franklin asked Eleanor to marry him and she said yes. Sara was not at all pleased with the news. But she stayed calm and asked them not to rush into marriage. They were too young. So Franklin and Eleanor agreed to wait. Sara whisked her son off on a six-week cruise to the Caribbean. Secretly she hoped he might forget Eleanor. Instead, the trip made him long to get back to her. Finally, in the fall of 1904, Sara

made a wonderful discovery. Swimming. He could float without any help. He was sure it was helping his legs. In l924, Franklin heard about a place with “miracle waters.” It was called Warm Springs and it was in the backwoods of Georgia. He and Eleanor needed a vacation so they went. There was an old hotel, twelve run-down cottages, and a swimming pool. The minute Franklin got in, he beamed. The water was ninety degrees. “How marvelous it feels,” he said. “I don’t think I’ll ever get out.”

now was the time to run for president. He campaigned across the country on the “Roosevelt Special.” At every stop, this tall, attractive, confident man stood and promised to get people back to work. He offered them a future. Americans listened and saw a leader they could count on. Franklin beat his opponent, President Herbert Hoover, by a landslide. Out of forty-eight states, he lost only six. The Roosevelt era had begun. Chapter 6 Becoming President Franklin’s campaign song had

THEN, HAD TO DEPEND ON CANDLELIGHT OR GASLIGHT. THIS WAS MADE POSSIBLE BY GIANT DAMS THAT PROVIDED HYDROELECTRIC POWER TO SEVEN TVA STATES—MOST OF TENNESSEE, PART OF ALABAMA, KENTUCKY AND MISSISSIPPI, AND A SMALL BIT OF GEORGIA, NORTH CAROLINA, AND VIRGINIA. THE TVA STILL OPERATES TODAY. Although voters and Congress approved of the New Deal, Franklin faced a big stumbling block with the Supreme Court. If a law passed by Congress goes against the Constitution, it is the Supreme Court’s job to

thankful for.” Traveling gave Eleanor a chance to speak about her own causes. She was a champion of the rights of African Americans and women. She urged Franklin to appoint more African Americans and women to government jobs—and he did. Eleanor constantly wrote memos to Franklin about things she wanted him to do. They were put in a basket in his room each night. He’d read them before bed. The pile got so high that he told her she could only give him three memos a night. Eleanor and Franklin

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