Toxic Relief, Revised and Expanded: Restore health and energy through fasting and detoxification

Toxic Relief, Revised and Expanded: Restore health and energy through fasting and detoxification

Don Colbert

Language: English

Pages: 209


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We live in a toxic world. And with new disasters—oil spills, earthquakes, tsunamis, and radioactivity—it is only getting more toxic by the day. You need toxic relief! In this new revised and expanded edition of Toxic Relief, Dr. Don Colbert provides an easy-to-understand and comprehensive explanation of the toxic battle you’re in and a proven program to cleanse your body in just thirty days. 

* Learn about dangerous foods to avoid and healthy substitutions you can make.
* Detoxify your body with a rotational juice fasting program.
* Overcome fatigue! Learn how to find the right foods and supplements.
* Explore the spiritual and physical aspects of fasting.
* Find out why saunas and exfoliating detox your body.

Deep cleansing your body down to the cellular level will renew your vitality, restore your energy, reclaim your health, shed toxic fat, lengthen your life, and give you a healthy glow you haven’t had in years. Brighten your outlook and change your attitude as Dr. Colbert guides you to healthy living—body, mind, and spirit.  

Don Colbert, MD, is board-certified in family practice and anti-aging medicine and has helped millions of people to discover the joy of living in divine health. He is the author of numerous books, including the New York Times best sellers Dr. Colbert’s “I Can Do This” Diet and The Seven Pillars of Health.




















from the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission. They found that the female alligators’ ovaries had abnormalities in both their eggs and egg follicles, similar to what happens in humans who are exposed to DES early in childhood. The male alligators revealed structural abnormalities as well. Their testes and penises were smaller than normal. In addition, the males also had elevated levels of estrogen and significantly reduced levels of testosterone.49

usually made from petroleum or coal tar products! Other food additives include preservatives, phosphates, bleaching agents, emulsifiers, texturizers, humectants, and ripening agents, such as ethylene gas, which is sprayed on bananas to make them ripen faster. Tips to Avoid Toxins54 1. Choose organic produce and free-range, organic meat. If you can only purchase one organic product, choose eggs or milk. If possible, always purchase free-range, organic chicken and beef. 2. Choose quality fish

slower and slower until it finally stops working altogether. Your GI tract may do a similar slowing down. When people overeat and stuff themselves until they are full, they put an enormous strain on the digestive tract. And it’s even worse if you overeat late at night before bedtime when the digestive system needs to rest. Intestinal Permeability The small intestine functions as an organ of digestion and absorption. It also functions as a barrier to keep your body from absorbing toxic

Daniel fasted. The mighty, shining heavenly ruler spoke to Daniel. “From the first day that you set your heart to understand, and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard; and I have come because of your words. But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days” (Dan. 10:12–13). The angel spoke of powerful, spiritual demonic princes and great, high-ranking angels sent to withstand these beings. The fascinating thing about this passage is the place it gives to

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