Three Classic Franklin Stories: Franklin Goes to the Hospital, Franklin and the Tooth Fairy, and Finders Keepers for Franklin

Three Classic Franklin Stories: Franklin Goes to the Hospital, Franklin and the Tooth Fairy, and Finders Keepers for Franklin

Paulette Bourgeois, Brenda Clark

Language: English

Pages: 10

ISBN: 2:00203400

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Franklin Goes to the Hospital
In this Franklin Classic Storybook, our hero goes to the hospital for an operation to repair his broken shell, and everyone thinks he’s being very brave. But Franklin is only pretending to be fearless. He’s worried that his X-rays will show just how frightened he is inside. With the help of Dr. Bear, Franklin learns that even though he’s feeling scared, he can still be brave.

Franklin and the Tooth Fairy
In this Franklin Classic Storybook, our hero discovers that, unlike most of his friends, he doesn’t have teeth, and worries that he’s missing out on the Tooth Fairy’s magical visits.

Finders Keepers for Franklin
In this Franklin Classic Storybook, Franklin is very excited to find a camera. He knows that he should find the owner and return the camera, but his friends tell him “finders keepers!” and soon Franklin gets carried away taking pictures. With his father’s encouragement, Franklin decides to return the camera to its rightful owner—but finding out who the owner is takes some clever sleuthing!













Contents Franklin Goes to the Hospital Franklin and the Tooth Fairy Finders Keepers for Franklin With Special Thanks to the Community Memorial Hospital in Port Perry and The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto – B.C. Franklin is a trademark of Kids Can Press Ltd. Text © 2000 by Contextx Inc. Illustrations 2000 © Brenda Clark Illustrator Inc. Story written by Sharon Jennings Interior illustrations prepared with the assistance of Shelley Southern. All rights reserved.

started to cry. Dr. Bear sat down beside Franklin. “Please tell me what’s wrong,” she said. Franklin sniffled. “Everybody thinks I’m brave, but I’ve just been pretending. X-rays will show that inside I’m scared.” “Oh Franklin!” exclaimed Dr. Bear. “An X-ray doesn’t show feelings. It only shows shell and bones.” “You mean no one will know I’m afraid?” Franklin asked. “No one,” replied Dr. Bear. “But just because you’re afraid doesn’t mean you aren’t brave. Being brave means doing what

“ I found it.” Beaver shrugged. “Finders keepers,” she said. “Well, I looked, but there’s no name on the camera,” said Franklin. “Then it’s yours,” insisted Beaver. “It’s not like stealing,” said Moose. “You found it.” Still, Franklin knew he wasn’t allowed to keep things that didn’t belong to him. He decided to find the owner later. Just then, Beaver made a funny face. “That’s good!” said Franklin. He snapped a picture. “Me too! Me too!” cried Moose and Rabbit. Before he knew

claimed the camera. Then they went to the police station and told the officers that they’d found a camera. Still nobody claimed it. Franklin took the film to be developed. He bought a new roll of film with his allowance and popped it into the camera. The next day, the pictures were ready. Franklin held up a photo of Raccoon’s family. “I know who owns the camera!” he shouted. “Raccoon must have taken a picture just before he lost the camera. And he’s been away, so he didn’t see our

anything. It was early when Franklin and his parents left for the hospital. With his blue blanket and Sam clutched in his arms, Franklin said goodbye to his room. Franklin’s mother gave him a hug. “You’ll be home tomorrow,” she reminded him. “I know,” Franklin said softly. “You’re a very brave little turtle,” said his father. At the hospital, Franklin was given a bracelet with his name on it. Then an attendant pushed him down a long hallway in a wheelchair. Franklin stared at all

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