Thomas and the Castle (Thomas & Friends)

Thomas and the Castle (Thomas & Friends)

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 0375813934

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Percy has been telling ghost stories about Rolf’s Castle, the old ruin near one of the main lines. Thomas doesn’t want to believe in ghosts, but when odd things keep happening, he gets nervous. But on an important, special run, Thomas starts to figure out that mysterious happenings usually have reasonable explanations.
















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your guess is close,” said the signalman. “They are restoring the castle. And the electrical work they are doing has been causing my signal to go haywire. But, Thomas, you’d better move on … they’re expecting that load you’re pulling.” When Thomas finally arrived at Rolf’s Castle, Sir Topham Hatt was there, getting ready for a big party to celebrate the reopening of the castle! Thomas was relieved that there was nothing to be scared of after all. He was also proud to have figured out the

hurried out of the yard. Percy and Toby had a good laugh. “That will teach Thomas to say I’m a silly engine,” said Percy with a smile. Thomas soon figured out that Percy was only fooling about being a ghost. And a couple of days later, when James came home with another scary story, Thomas thought the other engines were still playing tricks on him. “I saw spooky lights floating around Rolf’s Castle tonight,” said James. “But that castle has been abandoned for years,” said Gordon. “Maybe it’s

a ghost,” guessed Percy. “Pish posh,” said Thomas. “You won’t fool me again.” A week went by, and Thomas forgot about silly ghost stories … until he met Bill and Ben at the crossing one morning. “Thomas, you won’t believe what we saw last night!” said Bill. “There were ghosts inside Rolf’s Castle,” said Ben. “Spooky,” said Bill. “Creepy,” said Ben. “And then,” said Bill, “the signal was green when it should have been red. I almost crashed into Ben.” “Spooky,” said Ben. “Creepy,” said

trucks. Thomas didn’t know it, but the mines were a dangerous place. Long ago, miners had made tunnels, and some of their roofs were not strong enough to hold up an engine, even one as small as Thomas. There were danger signs everywhere. But Thomas was still stung by Gordon’s and the trucks’ taunts. I’m not afraid of a silly old sign, thought Thomas. To prove he wasn’t afraid, Thomas bumped some empty trucks fiercely, sending them right through a sign and onto the siding beyond. Thomas

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