Third Year at Malory Towers

Third Year at Malory Towers

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 178

ISBN: 0749744839

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The girls return for another term to find several new faces in their form. There is Zerelda, the American girl, Bill, short for Wilhelmina, who is mad about horses, and Mavis who has a remarkable voice





















much--Beauty and Star and Blackie and Velvet and Midnight and Miss Muffet and Ladybird, and...' 'Good gracious! However do you remember all those names?' said Darrell, in surprise. T couldn't possibly forget them,'said Bill, solemnly. 'I'm going to like Malory Towers, I know that, but I simply can't help missing all our horses, and the thunder of their hooves and the way they neigh and nuzzle—oh, you can't understand, Darrell. You'll think me silly, I know. You see, I and three of my brothers

serious. Something must be done! She went out to the stables again. In the yard the two girls were walking Thunder round and round, the rain pouring down on them. She told them that the vet could not be reached. Bill groaned. She was in despair. 'He's at Raglett's farm,' said Miss Peters. 'That's about five miles off, on the Billington Road. I know what I'll do. I'll saddle one of the other horses and ride to the farm myself and get him. That would be the best thing.' "What! In the dark and

bell awoke them. When Jean pulled at them they shrugged away and cuddled down again, hardly waking. 'Darrell! Bill! I say, what's the matter with them both! Wake up, you two, the bell's gone ages ago. Do wake up— we want to tell you something. Mavis isn't back! Her bed is empty!' The rest of the girls were talking excitedly about Mavis's non-appearance. Jean was very worried. She felt that she ought to have reported the night before that Mavis had not come to bed with the rest of them. She was

by the giggles of the rest of the form. 'I cannot tell you how horrible you look with that stuff on your face. You would not dare to go to Miss Peters' class like that. I'm not going to put up with it. You may as well make up your mind, Zerelda, that you will never be an actress. You simply haven't got it in you. All that happens is that you make yourself really vulgar. Now go and wash your face and do your hair properly.' Zerelda felt like a balloon that had been pricked. All her confidence and

'Come in!' called Miss Williams, impatiently. She had forgotten all about Zerelda. Zerelda went in. She now looked so completely different that Miss Williams didn't recognize her! 'What do you want?' she asked Zerelda. 'Have you come with a message?' 'No,' said Zerelda, puzzled. 'I'm in the fourth form, aren't I?" 'What's your name?' said Miss Williams, looking for her list of names. Zerelda was now quite certain that Miss Williams was mad. 'I told you before,' she said. 'I'm Zerelda.' 'Oh,

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