?? ?? - The World of Weiqi [CN] (1994.01)

?? ?? - The World of Weiqi [CN] (1994.01)


Pages: 52

ISBN: 2:00127185

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A semi-monthly Chinese go magazine established in October 1984 to cover the Japan-China Super Go matches.

The basic level of the content assumes greater knowledge of the game than is usual in Western Go magazines. Weiqi Tiandi features in-depth courses which last for a about 20 issues and focus on fuseki, joseki or other aspects of the game.

Beginning in 2005, each issues has grown to about 100 pages twice a month. With the increase in size, the binding has changed from folded and stapled (like Go World), to the glued "perfect binding" used for paperback books.

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