The Tim Burton Encyclopedia

The Tim Burton Encyclopedia

Language: English

Pages: 298

ISBN: 0810892006

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Tim Burton is one of the most inventive filmmakers in the world. From his early work as an animator for Disney studios to his distinctive takes on iconic characters like Batman and Alice in Wonderland, Burton’s skewed vision of the world has informed all of his films. Imbuing his films with a comically dark tone, Burton provides a twisted slant on conventional storytelling.

In The Tim Burton Encyclopedia, Samuel J. Umland looks at all aspects of this idiosyncratic storyteller’s films, which frequently display childlike wonder and a macabre humor. Entries in this volume focus on Burton’s artistic inspirations as well as creative personnel behind the camera, including writers, cinematographers, costume designers, art directors, and other collaborators, notably his frequent composer Danny Elfman. Recurring actors are also represented, such as Michael Keaton, Helena Bonham-Carter, Jack Nicholson, and, of course, Johnny Depp. Film entries include all of his features such as Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Big Fish, and Dark Shadows. Each entry is followed by a bibliography of published sources, both in print and online.

Featuring entries focused on every stage of Burton’s career—including early animated shorts like Frankenweenie and his work as a producer—this volume provides indispensable information about one of the most distinctive filmmakers of the past three decades. Comprehensive and entertaining, The Tim Burton Encyclopedia will appeal to scholars, researchers, and fans of this singular director’s work.











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the theatrical performance of The Casual Company, a play that Ed Wood (JOHNNY DEPP) wrote and directed. Although a flop, Wood finds encouragement reading the reviews (“‘The soldiers’ costumes are very realistic’—that’s positive!”). Eternally optimistic, Wood learns that producer George Weiss (Mike Starr) is trying to purchase the rights to transsexual Christine Jorgensen’s story. Weiss explains to Wood that it is impossible to purchase the rights to Jor- gensen’s story. Weiss decides to

laser effects to Star Wars (1977), Superman (1978), Alien (1979), Moonraker (1979), The Final Countdown (1980), and Outland (1981), among other films. Furst earned modest acclaim as a production designer for his work on Neil Jordan’s The Company of Wolves (1984). Having seen The Company of Wolves and being impressed by Furst’s work, Stanley Kubrick hired Furst as production designer on his Vietnam War film, Full Metal Jacket (1987). Neil Jordan’s High Spirits (1988), a critical and commercial

service honoring the men killed in the strike, at about the film’s forty-two-minute mark, Tim Burton, as one of the dead, appears lying in a coffin. Filmed after shooting on Batman Returns had concluded, director Danny DeVito, who had played the Penguin, enlisted Burton to play the cameo role. Behind-the-scenes footage of DeVito directing Burton in the scene is available on the web. HOLLYWOOD CHEWING GUM COMMERCIAL  n  135 References Russ Fischer, “Trivia: See Behind the Scenes of Tim Burton’s

Designer: Chris Boyes. Special Effects: Dennis D. Becker, Noah Cornell. Special Effects Mechanic: Thomas A. Barone. Mold Department Supervisor: Chris Coehe. A nimatronic D esigner : Kelly Lepkowsky. Character Fabricators: Amy Adamy, Michael Arbios, Jessica Ritts Cadkin, Cate Cannon, Curt Chiarelli, Sandy Clifford. A nimation Supervisor/Animator: Paul Berry. Animator: Stephen A. Buckley. C ast : Paul Terry (James), Simon Callow (Grasshopper [voice]), Richard Dreyfuss (Centipede [voice]), Jane

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