The Second Murray Leinster Megapack: 20 Science Fiction Classics

The Second Murray Leinster Megapack: 20 Science Fiction Classics

Murray Leinster

Language: English

Pages: 628

ISBN: 2:00182790

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Retail ePub from the Megapack budget ebook series of themed collections

Hours of great reading away, with The Second Murray Leinster Megapack! Leinster—a staple in the Golden Age of pulp science fiction—penned more than a thousand stories during his long and celebrated career. This volume selects 20 more (all published between 1919 and 1960).

Included are:

Evidence (1919)

Murder Madness (1930)

The Extra Intelligence (1935)

The Eternal Now (1944)

The Ethical Equations (1945)

The Plants (1946)

Friends (1947)

The Laws of Chance (1947)

The Day of the Deepies (1947)

Propagandist (1947)

West Wind (1948)

Planet of Sand (1948)

The Night Before the End of the World (1948)

This Star Shall Be Free (1949)

Cure for a Ylith (1949)

Keyhole (1951)

The Middle of the Week After Next (1952)

Overdrive (1953)

The Wailing Asteroid (1960)

Attention Saint Patrick (1960)

Attention Saint Patrick (1960)

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straightened up and tossed aside the leaves on which he’d cleaned the foil. Then there was a faint stirring. The girl’s voice came shakily, although she remained invisible. “Th-thanks,” she said. “Don’t mention it,” said Steve. He paused, and added, “I split my loot. You may need this.” He tossed the knife from the dead man’s pockets in her general direction. Leaves stirred. She came into view. She picked up the knife. She was smudged all over with the charcoal of the timbers in which she had

destruction? Could we trust the friendship of any race at all which sent a single ship to spy?” There was silence. Two centuries before, another ship had entered the Masan system. Half a planet devastated, and millions upon millions of lives, had been the cost of the destruction of that one ship. But its destruction had been necessary. Its crew made no response to peaceful overtures. Wherever they landed they destroyed, ferociously, everything savoring of a rival civilization. Especially the

The clickings, we think, are numbers that told how long help could be waited for, or something on that order. And then there was a beacon signal meant to lead whoever was coming to help to that place.” Keller smiled pleasantly at Pam. He made an electrical connection and zestfully checked the result. “Now there’s a third message,” said Burke. “Time’s running out for whoever needs whatever help is called for. The clickings that seem to be numbers have changed. The—what you might call the scale

it. The buzzing in the air the night before.… The arrival of the plane had been telephoned from Cape Virgins. Through a glass, perhaps, even its alighting had been watched. And a big seaplane had gone out to bring it back. Footprints in the sand would lead toward the lighthouse. There would be plenty of men to storm that, if necessary, to take the three fugitives. But they would have found only Paula. It was quite possible that the plane had only been sent for after Bell and Jamison had been seen

of us alone, so he brought us both. The man’s a fool!” The door opened again. The lean dark figure of Cable appeared. His eyes blazed. It was plain that he had listened to every word. His followers cringed. He was trembling with rage. “You think I’m a fool, eh?” he rasped. “Very well. Come on and get to work! I’m the boss this time. You’re working for me. You’ll make that machine work or I’ll have these people roast you over a slow fire until you do. They’ll do it if I order them to. Or else

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