The Rubadub Mystery (The Barney Mysteries, Book 4)

The Rubadub Mystery (The Barney Mysteries, Book 4)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 110


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Miss Pepper takes Roger, Diana, Snubby and Barney to stay at the village inn in Rubadub they discover that all sorts of strange things are going on, and there are mysterious explosions at the secret submarine base nearby. The children are determined to find out what is going on.













monkey sponging Barney’s face, and bringing him cups of water to drink! �Where are you, Barney? How did you know we were here?’ �I telephoned your home,’ said Barney. �Your cook told me. Listen - I can get a lift almost to your place tomorrow. Just a stroke of luck. I’ve been a bit lonely lately - that chill, I suppose.’ It was so unlike Barney to admit that he felt lonely that Roger knew at once he must be feeling very miserable. He remembered how he had felt when he had the �flu in the spring

I’d like to go and see the conjurer anyway.’ �And he does want to hear Iris Nightingale sing to him,’ put in Roger, and fled away at top speed as Snubby turned on him. Miss Pepper found a boatman at the jetty who looked sensible, and strong enough to deal with whirlpools if necessary. She asked him if he could take them. �Oh, yes, Mam, that’s right I can,’ he said cheerily. �And don’t you be afraid of being sucked under, Mam - I can always pull you out again. I got a fine boathook, see?’ This

gone? America will seem a place of utter peace and quiet after this. Really, when you children come back from school, it’s…’ �Oh, Daddy - you always say that,’ said Diana, hauling Loony up by his lead. �You know you’ll miss us when you go. Daddy, I wish you’d take us with you to America.’ �Not on your life!’ said her father, horrified. �You’d probably all fall overboard, to start with - and Snubby would spend his time down in the engine-room with Roger…’ �Oh, I say, sir - should I be allowed

news of the harbour to retell proudly to the others. The men opened newspapers and began to read. �Excuse me, sir, but are we very far from Rockypool?’ began Snubby. ‘I’ve got to get out there.’ �You’ll see the name of the station when we come to it,’ said one of the men gruffly. �I say, sir, I suppose you don’t belong to the Secret Submarine place, do you?’ Snubby tried again. �I’ve always been interested in submarines. Used to sail them in my bath, and…’ �You probably do still, I imagine,’

And your cousins to have my boy for a cousin!’ Miranda suddenly leapt on to the man’s shoulder with a little chattering cry. She began to nibble his ear. �Let’s go for a walk and talk,’ said Barney’s father, and he took the boy’s arm. �You’ve much to tell me. We’ve got fifteen years to catch up on! It’s a long time!’ They walked off together, Miranda still on the man’s shoulder. The other three watched them go from a distance. Diana swallowed hard. �It’s come all right,’ she said. ‘Barney’s

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