The Moon Scroll (The Secrets of Droon #15)

The Moon Scroll (The Secrets of Droon #15)

Tony Abbott

Language: English

Pages: 147


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Galen's in trouble! He's disappeared into the evil land of Goll, and it's up to Eric, Julie, Neal, and Keeah to help him. The Wand of Urik is the powerful tool Galen needs. But the Wand's been missing for years. The only way to find it is by studying the powerful words of The Moon Scroll, an ancient chronicle of Droon history. Everyone knows that the Scroll holds mysterious secrets. And following its clues to the Wand of the Urik is sure to be cool. But no one has any idea just how exciting the journey will be-until the Moon Scroll leads them back through time!



















awesome. We actually did it. We found the wand!” Eric suddenly remembered everything that Galen had done with the wand. But more than that, it was this wand — this same wand! — that created the rainbow staircase itself! He stared at it. “Your magic can do anything!” Without thinking twice, Eric ran downstairs. He flung open his front door. Clutching the wand firmly in his hand, he marched right across the street. To Julie’s house. “I’m going to use it. I can’t use it. Yes I will! No I

chime. Plang! Bing! Dong! “Such pretty music!” said Nelag. “Yeah, and if the Ninns couldn’t track us before, they sure can now!” said Neal, looking nervously behind them. “Let’s hurry out of here.” Amid the chiming and bonging of the bells, the small band broke out the far side of the woods and onto the great flat Saladian Plains. The plains stretched for miles under the darkening sky. “The moon will rise very soon,” said Keeah, casting looks all around. “But so far, I don’t see anything —

in the desert breeze. Fluttering about them were several large green birds. One of the birds swooped into a palm tree, then flew out again, with a juicy brown date in its beak. When it had finished eating, it dropped the date’s black pit into a pile not far away. The other birds did the same thing. The date pits, dropped by many birds for many years, had spilled out across the valley. Keeah jumped. “Nelag, you found it! The first valley must be there to trick people. This is the real Valley

of Pits! We aren’t too late to find the wand!” Without another word, the six friends slid, ran, and tumbled down to the valley below. The earth was brown with a mixture of dry rock and fine sand as far as they could see. They made their way to the cluster of palm trees and stood before the largest pile of pits. Julie made a face. “Such slimy pits. Could the lost palace of Ko really be under here? Eww —” “Often, things worth the most are hidden by things worth the least!” Nelag chuckled.

“Maybe it’s the door to the lost palace!” “And the way to the wand,” said Julie. More quickly than before, the six of them shoveled away the pits and the sand. And, suddenly, there it was, glinting under the afternoon sun. A shiny black door. And in the center was a strange golden design. A triangle, pointing down, with two horns thrusting up the sides. “That symbol is here,” Nelag said, tapping the unfurled Moon Scroll. “It is the symbol of Ko himself, ancient evil emperor of Goll.” Keeah

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