The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures

The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures

Language: English

Pages: 512

ISBN: 0762436263

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“Unrecorded” cases of the world’s greatest detective are found in this collection of original fiction by Stephen Baxter, Michael Moorcock, H.R.F. Keating, and more. The stories are linked by a running biography of Sherlock Holmes, identifying the “gaps” in the canon.











that its absence had been discovered. They were aware that your husband would, as a matter of course, call in an expert to verify that it was the original.” Lady Darlington nodded mutely. “You have been a foolish woman, Lady Darlington. Although you may have acted with the best of intentions towards your son, you have allowed a situation to develop that cannot fail but to bring pain and disgrace to those two men whom you hold dear.” “I beg you not to tell my husband.” “Your husband is my

of my colleagues have revealed nothing. I have no doubt that Watson was, in any case, concealing identities here, but I also have no doubt that these were amongst some of Holmes’s most daring and important cases. His exertions upon them damaged his health to the extent that Watson ordered Holmes to join him on a few days vacation in Surrey to recuperate, whereupon Holmes promptly threw himself into the local case of “The Reigate Squires”. The case acted like therapy and within days Holmes was

taken it but you.” “That is all right,” said the other, accepting MacGlevin’s hand. “Let’s forgive and forget. What I’d like to know is how you got to the bottom of the matter so quickly, Mr Holmes.” “It was not difficult. I will give you a full explanation when Constable … Ah! MacPherson! We were just speaking of you.” “Please excuse the delay, Gentlemen,” said the policeman briskly. “I have had a busy time of it. I wired details of the Mortons down to Glasgow, and I have their reply here.

only odour was that familiar smell of death. The palms of her hands were gouged where her fingernails had dug deep and the mortician had been unable to straighten out her fingers fully, it was as though they were afflicted with some deformity. I checked for any signs of an open wound, a cut or scratch, that might have allowed tetanus to enter her bloodstream, but there were none apart from those inflicted by herself. Certainly the corpse bore some resemblance to the final sufferings of a victim

senior fellow, brilliant mind, Renaissance scholar, very gracious, not at all put out over the election.” The story which would have taken any normal narrator ten minutes or so to recite occupied Spooner for the remainder of the journey, involving, as it did, acrobatic leaps from thought to thought and perilous balancing on the high wire of tenuous connections. Holmes was amused as much by the effort of following the disjointed account as by the events to which it referred. Briefly, these were

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