The Mammoth Book of Best New SF 13 (Mammoth Books)

The Mammoth Book of Best New SF 13 (Mammoth Books)

Language: English

Pages: 512


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Far and away the best yearbook of this or any other genre, Gardner Dozois's annual pick of the top science fiction of the year has collected a string of awards, including the Locus Award for the best anthology and the Hugo Award for the best editor.















rain would have helped keep the isotopes out of the air, he was happy that he would be able to get some sun and explore without inconvenience. Chores done, he fought upstream through the torrent of movie trailers, whispers of starlet gossip, artspam messages and hygiene ads masquerading as real people on his chat-lines, until he reached a private chat room. Gennady conjured a body for himself, some chairs and, for variety, a pool with some sunbathers, and then called Lisa. She answered in

said, “What happened?” “It’s not like I’m having a picnic out here, you know. It’s just not so easy to stay in touch as I thought.” He looked like he hadn’t slept well, or maybe had slept too well. “Listen, I’m sorry,” he said suddenly, and he sounded sincere. “I’m touched that you care so much about me.” “Of course I do, Gennady. We’ve been through a lot together.” It was rare for him to admit he was wrong; somewhat mollified, she said, “I just need to know what’s going on.” He sighed. “I

all since you got back?” “No. I’m having fun.” “How are you going to meet a nice Ukrainian girl if you never go out?” “Maybe I like English girls better.” “Oh yeah? Then fly to England. You just got paid.” “The Net is so much faster. And I have the right attachments now.” She laughed. “Toys. I see. You want the latest news on the case?” He frowned. No, actually, he didn’t think he did. But she lived for this sort of thing. “Sure,” he said to indulge her. “Druschenko says he was just the

got the education. I’ll be happy to show you the ropes.” The kid left. He’d had a conversion experience. I knew exactly how it felt. I’d had mine standing in front of the Zallinger “Age of Reptiles” mural in the Peabody Museum in New Haven. That was before time travel, when pictures of dinosaurs were about as real as you could get. Nowadays I could point out a hundred inaccuracies in how the dinosaurs were depicted. But on that distant sun-dusty morning in the Atlantis of my youth, I just stood

many people besides the bereaved husbands – for preaching outside his field of competence. He tried to point out the value of time. Nic countered with the value of familiarity; he and Erni were, aside from Maria and Jessi, the only people who had travelled really far from Nest. Cloud gave up at this point, agreed to wait for their arrival, but used their own argument to insist that two additional drivers go with them to gain experience. Erni asked pointedly, “Is Candlegrease set up to support a

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